ND Rear Bumper - Removing scrape marks?


My Red ND has been modified whilst parked nose in at the doctors surgery - came out to find that a couple of OAP’s had reversed their car into the space near mine and missed. In doing so they reversed into the back of my car on the passenger side with enough force to displace the plastic bumper from its retaining clips and marking the bumper.

The bumper was easily clipped back on and the bumper itself was not distorted. Only later did I see that there is a bit of marking on the bumper. Doesn’t appear to be plastic stress lines rather some form of surface marking.

What’s the best way to remedy this? Can it be ‘polished’ out given its plastic?

Thanks in advance


Quick check for you to do. Run your fingernail gently over the scratches and see if it gets stuck on any of them.

If it doesn’t then it’s only surface and with a bit of work with a polisher should come out. If it does then really you’re looking at a touch-up.

Many thanks. Looks as if its only surface. Any recommendation on polisher?

Pop to your local place and pick up some G3 compound and have a go with that, tends to get most things out. 


G3 is rather too harsh for Mazda paint

Also. its worth mentioning that the paint is not only soft. its very thin too and I would suggest getting it looked at by a Car Detailer or a bodyshop before you have a go yourself

Depends on how you go with it. Bull in a china shop and rub at it like hell then you’ll go through any paint, take your time and go normally at it then it will be fine.