ND RF Launch Edition No.207

Picked up my 2017 RF on Monday after selling my 1.8 2006 NC
The drive back was great, so much more refined than the NC and loved the handling even though I was careful due to the damp conditions.
Looking forward to the weekend when hopefully it will be dry and go for a real drive.
Interesting about the Mods and so far my plans are for CarPlay, Boot Tray from MX5PARTS, Passenger airbag light cover, Steering wheel from Royal wheels( just waiting for an old ND steering wheel to pop up on eBay at the right price) and would love the centre exit exhaust.
Exciting times

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Royal wheels is who I was looking at getting a custom steering wheel done by.

I keep debating a boot tray, currently have a bag that pretty much lives in the boot!

Just fitted a battery cover too :smiley:

Think I may have just saved a load of money with your idea of a bag, think it will be the boot liner only then on Black Friday
Thanks Ian

Fitted a SmartTop roof controller today.
Also had a Front Air Dam Skirt arrive, just need to get it fitted.

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Try NWG Parts 0208 996 5560 for boot liner for ND
TOTAL COST including delivery £59.99

Finally got round to updating my progress, fair few bits a pieces fitted (see original post)
Booked in with Rodders on the 13th or a rather long list (alignment, ride height, etc)
Then onto the National Rally!

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@MX5RF I am going to reply here to keep the photo thread focussed on photos :slight_smile:

Thanks! And no, you haven’t missed those, they haven’t been done.
I have never been worried about the rear view so never bothered with a camera :man_shrugging:
I also use a USB for all my music and have a phone holder as I prefer portrait maps, don’t know why, so never got round to doing the CarPlay retrofit.
Even if I did I would still use my USB because I don’t have music on my phone! (I still use multiple iPod Shuffles for all my music :upside_down_face:)

Milestone reached today!