ND Sport Nav vs Sport Nav+

I am interested in buying an ND 1.5L on a 15 plate or siimilar in Soul Red. Please can anyone tell me the difference between the Sport Nav and Sport Nav+ models?

Am I right that these models hardly changed over their lives apart from the addition of steering column rake adjustment? I know there was an improvement on the 2.0L engine, but not on the 1.5L.

Do you not mean Sport Nav and Sport Nav+? All the “plus” means is that it is homologated to later WLTP emission levels (was NEDC).

Many thanks Robbie. Yes, I accidentally put ‘Sat Nav’ instead of ‘Sport Nav’ (now corrected).

Your reply explains why I couldn’t find any differences in the spec :wink:

This is not quite right, the 1.5 engine got some upgrades as well with the +, but it only gave an extra 1bhp and 2nm of torque.

Why are you going for the 1.5? The general consensus seems to argue for the 2.0 if you can.

I have seen lots of people saying that you need to drive the 1.5 a bit harder to make good progress, but that is all part of the fun. I had a test drive and found that the 1.5 was plenty fast enough, but to my astonishment, I was put off by the electric power steering. I had seen others make that point, but I hadn’t expected to notice it as much as I did. I am sticking with my 2.0 PRHT NC 3.75.

There was one (25AE) next to the ND in the showroom and it was on for more money!

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I have since seen that while it didn’t make a lot of difference, the 1.5 then got a better WLTP rating.

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