ND turbo anyone?





260 horse’s at the wheels on the 1.5 ND sounds pretty impressive. That’s somewhere in the region of 300 at the fly give or take

260whp from the 1.5? Are you sure they’re not referring to the 2.0? Seems…optimistic.

Either way that’s a pretty reasonable price, although I don’t have much knowledge of Avo turbos. Chinese?

It was shown off at SEMA. Someone on miata.net mentioned they had been to the show and spoke to the guys there, it is for the 1.5 as they haven’t set one up on the 2.0 yet. A quick look online and AVO looks to be American, they seem to do a lot of stuff for the BRZ/GT-86

Fair enough. With the high compression of the SkyActiv engines that’d be an interesting conversion to say the least. :slight_smile:

Yep, I saw that they’re an American company- I was just interested in where the turbos come from, as it seems to be a cheap overall package and a Chinese manufactured turbo would be one way of saving the pennies.

260 from a 1.5 isn’t that big a deal. The Toyota Yaris Circuit is a 1.5 3 cylinder turbo and makes a claimed 275bhp standard, all of the press cars have been on the rollers and put out more than 280 at the road wheels! I want one and have a test drive booked lol. It’s that or turbo my ND.

I think the kit is for the 2l only. Bofi racing can supply it.

40-50% power increase at 5-6psi seems about right, circa 250 bhp at the flywheel.
BBR can do a 1.5 version for 210 bhp at the flywheel.

From what I have read going much beyond that boost level would require engine modification to be reliable or a forced charge cooling system. The gearbox will also not last long.
This BBR article explains.
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Or…you could supercharge…