ND Tyre Pressure

On a four day jaunt around the Essex coastline about 100 miles in the warning for tyre pressure popped up.

Checked all round, seemed ok so held button in to reset. No repeat, 372 miles covered?

It does that from time to time, just to let you know it’s there…

Seriously I don’t know, mine has done that too and I have seen lots of similar reports around the interwebs with no absolute conclusion.

Mine hasn’t done that yet but it has happened to me in other cars with TPMS.  My view is that if a visual check doesn’t spot anything worrying, then just reset it and if it goes off again, then there may be an issue. so a trip to Kwik Fit may be in order    (other rapid tyre fitters are available)




Mine did it on the M3 not long after I bought the car.   Nothing wrong with the tyres.   Annoyingly I go odd the motorway to check then coulfn’t get back on due to roadworks

When I went to a garage I found all 4 to be over inflated by 6 psi.

Our new Mazda3 with the same electronics as the ND sometimes flashes the TPMS light, but every time I have checked it with my gauges after relatively short runs they are all at the recommended 36psi. (36!!, my heavier old Vectra wore down its slightly smaller narrower tyres nice and even at only 30psi.)

We’ll leave it all well alone for the first few hundred miles and see how it settles down.


Four days, how big is Essex anyway? 


Not the biggest area wise, and we’ve lost a lot of ground to that encroaching monster London, but believe or not Ian, Essex has the longest coastline of any English county at about 350 miles.


I’ve never been to Essex, seems like a scary place if the media is to be believed [emoticon:tongueincheek]


Yep!  Smugglers and highwaymen, things are pretty much the same now as ever!


Oh! re TPM warning.  It could be that as the tyres warm up as you drive and the pressure increases from the set value that triggers the system, a re-set would sort that out as you (Oyster Town) found out.  So no real problem, hopefully.


Not a single pair of White Stilettos was seen during the trip! Maybe my TPMS doesn’t like Essex.

We picked up the new car on Monday, and so far the light has gone off twice - once at around 150 miles, and again at just over 1000 miles. Both times, checked the pressures, they were all okay and reset. 

I’m assuming it’s just one of those things where occasionally when checking for wheel rotation speed it picks up a false positive. My major niggle is the sat nav rebooting at will!


There is an update for the MZD Connect rebooting, your dealer should be able to sort that under the warranty.

Hi Robbie, can you give us the latest s/w version numbers with the fix?

Its easy to check in the car, but a hassle to drive all the way to the dealer.

I’ve just bought a ‘new’ Mazda3 SE-L Nav and assume it has the same software as the ND but don’t know how long it was with the dealer or if they updated it.  One never asks all the right questions when buying a new car…

We plan to start using a ‘smart’ phone with it in about a month’s time - when SWMBO changes phones.

Many thanks



I had similar issues on my first serious tour in my Mk4. Pulled over but no obvious problems, reset  -  Ok for a while and then TPMS indicator came on. The penny was beginning to drop.

At the next overnight stop I checked the tyre pressures when cold and reset the TPMS and I have had no problems since. I think the key lies in ensuring the tyres are COLD when the reset is done. If reset when hot and the tyres subsequently cool down, even a bit, the system thinks that there is a leak and the indicator lights up.




That is the correct method, see Owner’s Handbook section 4-33. In the paragraph entitled “Caution” it specifies the tyres should be cold.

Reading the handbook?

Reading the handbook??

What are you like?



What am I like?  LITERATE!  With an enquiring mind!

Read the handbook and it’s surprising just how many answers to simple questions, solutions to simple problems lie therein!  Or is there an OC rule that I’ve missed that forbids that?

56.00.513 off the top of my head.