ND wheel info required

Can someone tell me what the specs are for the ND 16” wheels ?

I have a set of 16” 4 stud Wolfrace Lugano wheels (same as the pic but obviously 4 stud) that came off my daughters Mazda 2 that I think would look well on the ND. If they are the same spec, I’ll put them up for sale to see if there’s any interest.


I believe they are:

6.5 x 16 ET 45

The internet seems to believe 16" ND wheels have a 55 offset:
6.5Jx16 ET55

And using the same source it looks like the Mazda2 has these specifications:
5.5Jx16 ET40

So the wheels are an inch narrower and the mounting face is 15mm closer to the center

In terms of what they might look like, I don’t believe there will be much external difference:

  • The factory wheel rim and side of the tyre sit 27.55mm from the mounting face
  • The Mazda2 wheels also sit 29.85mm from the mounting face

To get the values above the following calculation is used:
This calculates the distance from the center of the wheel to the rim/tyre face
The offset is then subtracted to give the distance from the mounting surface to the rim/tyre

Therefore, they should fill out the wheel arch slightly more as the offset changes by a few mm more than the width changes.

The offset should be stamped somewhere on the wheels and the width and diameter are easily measured :slight_smile:

Very technical, Proff !!
The Wolfrace wheels I believe aren’t exactly the same dimensions as the stock Mazda 2 rims. I’ll have a look and see what is stamped on them. Thank you.

This is an interesting site to have a play with different wheels sizes.


Enter the original wheel specs on the left and the specs of the alternative on the right.

It will then give comparison details.