ND wiring information required

Does anyone have access to an up to date wiring diagram for the latest ND?

I am trying to identify the front parking light wires. In this diagram https://www.mx5manual.com/page.html?p=workshop&s=SC3351&docid=SM356271 I think the 3 wire plug shown is for the hi, lo beam and parking light. The colours for these wires in this manual are:
Left, White/Black, Light Green and Red for parking light
Right, Sky Blue, Grey and Green for parking light.

My 30AE appears to have the same colours for left and right and appear to be Grey, Green/White and Brown. (It is difficult to tell the exact colours but they are certainly not as in the diagram)
Logic says this is the correct plug but which wire does what?
I have identified the indicator plug which also has different colours but the DRLs are the same (Pink). The larger 7 pin plug is I assume for the headlight levelling system.

So can some one please confirm the 3 wire plug is for the Hi, Lo and side lights.
If it is which wire is which.

All contributions welcome, even silly ones. Thank you.

My drawing shows the ESU connections to that plug are as follows:
ESI Plug 3A - SB(F)
ESI Plug 3C - GY(F)
Ground G03 - B(F)

SB(F) is light blue
GY(F) grey
B(F) Black
Light blue night light hi
Grey headlight lo
Black ground.

Location of G03 is on the drawing if you need me to find it but it’s ground so unless it’s not showing continuity that’s all you need to know really.

Hi Mrbarry,
Many many thanks for taking the time to reply, it is appreciated.
My next post will update to where I am this evening.

So I now know how to illuminate both the rear AND the front corner marker lights on the ND2.

The 3 pin plug I referred to earlier is NOT the one that has the side light wires. How do I know? Well I managed to disconnect the plug and the side lights were still lit. Needless to say I swore!

Further investigation indicated that the 2 pin plug with Orange and Black wires attached to the headlight might be the one. Bingo, when I disconnected this plug the side lights went out. Success at last. The wire colours are the same for both sides.
Having now tapped into the Orange wires the side marker lights now illuminate.

So to recap:
The indicators are Yellow/Black and Blue/Green and easily identified as they are attached to a traditional bulb holder that can be turned and removed to reveal an orange bulb.
The DRLs are Pink and Black and go directly into the rear of the DRLs.
The 3 pin connector appears to be for the Hi/Lo beam head lights but I have NOT verified this.
The larger 7 pin connector does other things. Obviously ‘Other Things’ is a term used only by those in the higher echelons of electronic wizardry and would be far too complicated to try and explain to mere mortals that would be reading this post. If you do need a full explanation please feel free to email someone else!!!

If you have a desire to illuminate your corner lights or are contemplating buying some for your ND2 then I can and will help with advice and guidance. It has taken me a good few days to sort the front lights but I am now there.

One further observation is to use retaining screws for the corner lights, this will firmly secure them and prevent theft. The colour coded blanking pieces are quite difficult to remove but the corner lights only take seconds to remove if a self tapping screw is not used.
I have had many frustrations in my desire to get the corner lights working but this has been far outweighed by the feeling of satisfaction when I finally found the solution.
Stay safe and have fun.

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Good news then. Any pictures of these corner lights you mention? :sunglasses:

Here you go:


Looking good there. Suit the orange car particularly well.
And now I know why you needed the wiring diagrams, and baring in mind lo and hi is head light and main beam your wiring colours do make sense. Side light is indeed pink and black wiring all around the car, front and rear fed from different electrical modules. The number plate lights are also on the same pink and black standard.
Interestingly the front side markers are shown to be connected to the ESU on:
pin 4I R(F) [Red (Front)] - Left Hand
Pin 4G G(F) [Green (Front)] - Right Hand
And the rear side markers to ESU:
Pin 1D P® [Pink(Rear)] - Left Hand
Pin 2A P® [Pink(Rear)] - Right Hand

I believe the fronts are then illuminated with the parking lights as well as side lights, and they dim when indicating.

HI Mrbarry,
Only the rear is Pink and Black, the fronts are Orange and Black from the big 14 pin plug to the light units. The wiring diagram in the manual I refer to is the same as you have quoted but is NOT correct for the ND2. I have not looked at an ND1.
The manual I quote from appears to be for the American cars so there may be some differences for the European cars.
I have not tried the indicators to see what happens so I will report back when I know the answers.

All good. I have an ND1 so I will make the effort to look what colours mine are. I know it doesn’t really matter but it interests me, and it might be of use to someone else.

Either way I think your car looks great with them. I looked into buying one they are striking in orange, but mine was a bargain buy and I’ve grown to love it now. 2016 car in soul red isn’t a bad way to arrive on a sunny day. :grin: