ND1 Infotainment screen crack

Hi all,

Just wondering if anybody on here has had any experience with the spider web crack on their infotainment screen? I have it and looking to fix it… there seems to be a variety of fixes… what has everybody done?
Leave it - replace it - new front plastic layer - ebay it etc


  1. My model of MX-5 is: Sport Recaro 2016
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I complained to Mazda UK and after a lot of negotiating they gave in and replaced my screen for free. That was 2 years ago. Annoyingly I’ve just noticed that it has done it again ( less than a week after coming back from its annual service - I’m wondering if the interior cleaning products they are using are causing this ) … fingers crossed they’ll step up and replace it again.

No way! Thought they would have at least given you a decent one! Mines 2016 however so way out of warranty

Mine was 9 months out of warranty in 2019 - It is a know issue for several models, not just MX-5s. This is the Mazda reference for it: R018/18

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