ND2 RF Heated Rear Window very poor

Now that winter has arrived, I’ve been able to try the Heated Rear Window on my ND2 RF (2021).
The problem is that it seems to be really, really poor. It will eventually defrost … but we’re talking 10 minutes into a journey at least. Nothing like anything I’ve experienced before.

So my question - Is this normal? Does it sound like there is a fault somewhere?


My ND1 soft top probably takes 4-5 minutes to defog the rear glass so it is a bit slow.

Heated rear windows are for defogging and not typically intended to melt external ice; I’ve had to wipe/scrape rear window frost on every car I’ve had, although the heater elements melt the ice underside quite quickly so the lot can be easily slid off.

I miss having a rear wiper, now I keep a squeege in the boot to do this manually!

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Agree. The heated rear window element is pretty useless for getting rid of ice or external condensation on the rear window of my ND. It is only good for misting on the inside and then it takes time. Problem with not having a rear windscreen wash/wipe. You have to use a scraper/chamois to remove any snow/rain off the outside :grimacing: