Near side light not working

Hi Folks,


I noticed today I have 0nly 0ne side light.

I have tested the bulb and its ok. It was getting dark so I couldn’t do much else.


I was wondering if the wiring for the nearside had a separate fuse ? The head light seem to work ok as do the rest. 


Hope someone could shed some light (Escuse the Pun) on this please.


Thanks Ivan 

Do the rear side/park lights work ok?

Yes they all seem OK Undecided I think I may need a test bulb so I can check the electrics.

If the rear lights are ok,then it is unlikely to be a fuse problem.

I reacon it may be the live feed but as yet have not tested it …

I have two of these in my van, very cheap, cheerful and simple and i use them most days.