Need help with drainage holes?

Hello everyone. I have just joined the Owners Club. I ‘think’ I have a problem with my drainage holes. The car had to have some welding last year to get through the MOT, and I think the garage has welded over the drainage holes - I can’t find them. And we have noticed over the last few months that the car has misted up front and rear screens (this has not usualy been a problem over the last 3 years we have had the car). I had the hood down today and found a little standing water around the seat belt potst - where I am led to believe the drain starts. I would really like a recommendation for a garage in the Bath-Frome area, that could take a look, and probably drill some new drainage holes. I’d be grateful for any help - thanks!

Before you do anything else - Check that there isn’t water in the passanger footwell UNDER the carpet. You’ll have to take the carpet up not just feel on-top. The ECU is there and you really don’t want that to get wet.

Mr Chrome - thanks for the quick reply. I’ll have a look into this, and having read a bit on the internet, taking up the carpet seems quite a big job, so will need to put some time aside to do this. If there is water under this carpet, what could this mean?

Have you tried putting a long thin rod down the drainage holes from the rain gutter, do this very carefully,do not force it.

 Look in the FAQ

 Hi and welcome to the club…Waving  hope you get your damp problame sorted.

Thanks everyone for your advice. I tried to clear the drainage holes but they are both completely caked up with grit and stuff. I cannot get a wire very far down either tube. (At least I know where the holes are now). Clearly the previous owner (nor me) regularly cleared these drains. Have booked the car into the garage for them to probably fit new tubes.