Need New Battery?


Couldn’t get the car started the other day and after a mechanic checked it over reported the battery was flat. I have been laid up for the last 7 weeks and have been turning the car over every 3rd day, my last attempt failed, so it looks like I need a new battery. I have done a few searches and have seen battery prices from £40-90. Can anyone point me in the right direction please.





Numax make an MX5 battery, also look at the various MX5 parts suppliers, MX5 haven, Autolink, etc Not sure why, but I have a bog standard battery which works, but might be causing some rust and other problems in the boot. Do you still have the little breather pipes? Which  variety of 5 do you have?

Hi Dowot

Thanks for the reply, I have a  MKII 1.8 standard car, and yes have the breather pipes. The battery in the car has no info on it was so ever (plain black), I will check those web sites you have kindly mentioned. Would appreciate your input on price versus quality.




For longevity and safety, you really only have two alternatives

1 A replacement Panasonic battery from the Mazda dealer £100+…my prefered option

2 A Wesco battery from MX5 parts and maybe Autolink, much cheaper, fits …ok…life span unknown



I agree {#emotions_dlg.thumb}

Westco has better cranking amps, and the panasonic can last over 10 years,but both are gel not wet batt’s so if you need to jump start her this will not  charge/recondition it ,it is different, and never fast charge one, you will cook it,instructions will arrive with it.

I have seen a Varta battery for a very reasonable £50ish. I remember the name from years ago, they had a good reputation (or is my memory a little foggy) back then, have you any thoughts on this one. 

I’m only penny pinching as we are about to extend our property and need all the spare cash we can muster & after buying discs and pads that were on special @ MX5 parts funds are very low.


Thanks for the reply guy’s



The important thing is to make sure that the battery is vented. The boot on a '5 is well sealed, so little ventilation.

If a normal battery overflows you get this:


Also make sure that the battery fits the tray, it’s there for a purpose, same with the clamp assembly. I have seen some horrors in my time with bad battery installations, and not a few fires when the battery has moved about

What geoff says is very true, looks a bit like my boot floor did.

I suppose if you want cheap but good, you could try a brakers yard and find a Panasonic battery, that is not too old…I thk batteries have a best before date on them? Expect someone will confirm this.

Don’t know for certain, but I think some of the cheaper batteries have connection points for the vent pipes.

Good luck and let us know what you go for and how well it works.

Can I ask, the panasonic battery, is this the probable one that is fitted to my car already, as stated no markings but plain black with the vent tubes attached.


Cheers All






Sounds like it,.is it  in the tray at the bottom?

Yes, is it possible that it has been in the car from new ( year 2000 ), we bought the car 3 years ago this April.



The original panasonic batteries are amazing quality. Only bin it if youre certain its dead. For example, AA and RAC will always tell you your battery is dead/dying. But its a gel-leisure battery so their kit is inaccurate.

How can I find out if it’s Kapput?






By trickle-charging for a couple days with a low amp charger (ideally a motorbike rated one) and then pop it back in your car. After that you’ll know pretty soon if its any good.

Is there a charger you would recommend?


Many Thanks



Do the Gel batteries still cause the boot corrosion if not vented?

Would sealed batteries cause the same kind of damage?

Mine has a Halfords jobby in there and I’m looking to replace it


I would strongly recommend an Optimate…

 I use an Optimate battery conditioner /charger which has proved excellent . This winter I have used a solar powered optimiser  which trickle charges through UV light . Both are brilliant and the latter nil to run.

 If it is a Panasonic battery we had two that lasted just over sixteen years. Towards the end they needed a little TLC, charging with a CTek/Optimate type intelligent charger. If any charger is going to bring your battery back to life it’ll be one of these. Lidl do a cheap Ctek style copy that goes for £12.99, works perfectly and sells like hot cakes when they get them in. I’ve got one and it’s brought a ‘dead’ battery back to life in 36 hours but ideally paperwork with the battery recommends a 7 day trickle charge to do it full justice.