NEM trip to East Kirkby (Lincs) & Skegness.

 Hi there you fish and chip lovers! - This is a drive plus - - -

 Hi Folks - Full details are here -

But, in short, it’s a long drive to see a Lancaster Bomber do a ‘run up’ (twice I hope) plus a look round the Museum, lunch in the canteen (great Lincolnshire bacon sarnies!) then over to Skeg for the afternoon, have a fish and chip sit down meal, then drive back to East Kirkby for the evnings firework display, and see those S/C merlins flaming in the dark - - - - then home.
Cost to get in less than £10 - waiting to check later what discount they are offering us, plus petrol (fill your tank!) and meals extra. If you want to make a w/e of it, thern book in at a Skeg hotel, though not much to offer in November, although at least one arcade will be open, and there’s also shopping in the town - if that turns you on!

No rush on this - we have enough people already to get a group discount, but the more the merrier… It would help if you can let me know any interest by the end of August, when I hope to clarify what the entry cost will be,

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Update -

So far, the NEM has 9 MX-5’s, I RX8, 1 Corsa plus 1 other (not known yet) - all ‘up’ for this drive; these are definites, we also have 2 MX-5’s who are very interested, but will let me know later. As an absolute deadline, I have advised the NEM that if anyone else wants to come (last minute takers) that they must let me know before the end of October, after that, they will have to pay full admission.

 I thought I should add - the jaunt to Skegness is not ‘A Must’, if you don’t fancy it, you can stay at East Kirkby for the afternoon, then wander over later to the next village for a meal, where I’m told there is an excellent chippie. If there’s any takers for that, I’ll dig further and find out more details.

The original idea behind the visit was to hear four Merlins running up at close range, you wouldn’t be permitted to stand so close anywhere else in the country, it’s awe inspiring, though not if you don’t like engines - anything else is an added bonus. While we will drive past Coningsby - the home of the BBMF, it’s almost impossible to arrange a visit to see that flight at any weekend, they are constantly flying somewhere else right through from Spring to late Autumn, then they shut the doors for an end of season overhaul. And they certainly won’t let you anywhere near any of the aircarft, except on a special visit, which is reserved for midweek, and special people. Even then - if they do a run up, you would have to stand about 200 feet away at least.

Don’t forget - many aircraft were built in the  Midlands, so it’s a part of your heritage too, not just Lincolnshire’s. Some of your parents - or grandparents may have worked on aircraft production during the world war, and to them, as well as servicemen and women, we owe a deep debt of gratitude. Having said that, it’s still a fun trip, I wouldn’t do it otherwise.