New Engine management light problem

My mark 3.75 is presently sorned and I have booked an MOT for the 29th so I can get it taxed and back on the road. Problem is that when I started it today the engine management light stayed on and I understand this will cause an MOT failure. I had this problem about a year and a half ago which I diagnosed as an EGR valve problem but after a good run it righted itself. with presently no tax I can’t take it on the road. Is there any way of turning the lights off whilst I get the MOT so I can get it on the road and then get it sorted.

With a code reader you can turn the light off but chances are next time you turn it on it will reappear also might affect emission test on Mot. Shame Mot wasn’t start of month as i would say tax it and give it a good Italian tune up run and hopefully light will stay off.
Edit, looks like your Mot has lapsed so think you can drive to the garage so if you can clear the light as it is a fail and hopefully a good run to the garage will keep it off.

Much like you I also had the EML light coming on 2 years ago. It only came on on a warm/hot engine start. If I turned the light off without stopping the engine then it stayed out for the rest of the journey. Luckily about 3 weeks before it’s MOT it seemed to rectify its self.

All last year it stayed off but in March this year it reappeared and came on every time I started the engine.

In the club mag a couple of editions ago there was a “how to” write up explaining the fault probable lay with the steppo motor pack on the top of the egr valve. I had purchased a new unit 2years ago and a couple of weeks ago I swapped the steppo motors.

Unless you have the DIY skills, the tools and can lay your hand on the parts, you may have to get the garage to change it for you…

Dig out the club mag and have a read, if you can’t do the job then pass it on too the garage. You may have to buy a complete valve and steppo motor and split them.


Just found the mag. with the egr article. It is in the Feb 2020 edition.

Thanks guys for your suggestions. I do have the club mag and have looked at the egr valve change and reckon I have the necessary skills but am a little aprehensive about the work to gain access.
However a couple of days ago I ordered a fault code reader to check it is the egr valve, which arrived this morning and surprise surprise, I started the car and moved it out of the garage and the engine management light went off. I will have to keep a check on it this week and hopefully will be OK for the MOT on Friday

Fingers crossed it stays out for the MOT.