New Essex member - Mk3 Z-Sport

Hi all!

Excited new owner of a 2007 Mk3 Z-Sport 2.0L. with only 43k on the clock :grinning:

I had no idea at the time I was buying one of only 400! Mazda MX-5 Z-Sport

Seems almost sacrilege to modify one of these but I bought with the sole purpose of modifying it for trackday use.

Will be reaching out for advice on upgrades and mods over the coming months and look forward to hopefully meeting some of you at open track days :grin:


Don’t track it with those alloys on, have you seen how much they could be worth in good nick?

The wheels were around a grand each corner when new. Not even available now. They don’t come up for sale very often and when they do they fetch good money. As they are forged alloy they are very difficult to straighten if they get any damage so often people are desperate to find one.

Seats are unique to the ZSport too. Can’t get the wing badges either.

If you are tracking it then get a cheap set of wheels, remove the badges and swap the seats out too.

One of my favourite MX-5’s…lovely car. I have a set of the ZSport wheels in my garage.

I tracked mine at Brands Hatch in the wet. Setup is too soft but great fun. Enjoy :wink:

Enjoy, my zsport at japfest Silverstone earlier this year


Hi and welcome from a fellow ZSport owner, unfortunately due to my wife’s health and back condition ours has only been used less than 900 miles in the last two years hence in the throws of selling her. But they are a stunning car.

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Hi and welcome ,I’m Essex based as well, summer on its way, enjoy :+1:

Welcome from Romford :+1:

Welcome from Wickford!

Relatively new member too and new to the joys of the MX5, welcome :hugs: