New Forum Member from Devon

Hi, I’ve just introduced myself on the new members introduction site so won’t go through that again here.

I live in mid -Devon (nr Crediton) and am starting the search for my first MX5 (£5K max and potentially a MK3 looking to buy April onwards when theoretically the garage gets cleared out for the car!!!) - Any local advice as to where to look for used MX5’s and any details about local MX5 specialist workshops / garages woud be most appreciated. Still getting my head around the various models and what I exactly want. 

Will be joining the OC once I have my car. What sort of local events get organised down here in the West Country?

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  Hi  and Welcome to the FUN.

  Good Luck with your search.

Hi Paul, 

I will send you the latest SW area email via pm with the events for the next 4 months and if you look at the SW area website there is more information about meeting places etc.

Murray. SW Area co-ordinator.


Welcome devondabbler.
Nice to see someone from near Exeter on the forum.
Good luck in your search.

Welcome to the club and forum

Sorry to be late replying to this, firstly welcome to the club and specifically the SW area, its a great group. As regards who in the area you can safely allow to work on your car then perhaps Exbourne Garage, Exbourne could be of assistance to you. They have done work on many cars for members and to date nobody has been anything but pleased and impressed with their work both on body and mechanics. Good luck in your search.


Would that be Exbourne. Cross near Okehampton

Thanks :slight_smile:

Oops just realised your post was 3years ago. New member Mid Devon and needing someone to advise and hopefully look after my mk1 properly and not take advantage of my limited knowledge.

You are correct in your thinking! Exbourne Cross is where the garage is and they can genuinely be recommended. I am not the only one to have their MX5 looked after there, they are good for mechanical and really extremely good as regards paintwork. Richard is the boss.

Thank you so much, there actually not far from me and Boris has just said we can drive again for non essential reasons. Will call them tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Glad to be of help. There are a number of us owners in this vicinity maybe we’ll meet up one day.