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Hello people

First time poster after making use of the forum in lurking mode for ages.

Just got rid of a rotting, rusty blue NC1 (06 plate) 2.0i that I’d had for 3 years and replaced it with a lovely shiny white NC3 (14 plate) 2.0i Roadster Sport Tech. The old car lived the first 11 years of its life in the north east, not very far from the sea, and it had terrible corrosion underneath. I knew the time would come where it became unviable to repair, and it did just that!

As I live in Loughborough, the new one has been to Thrussington Garage in East Goscote for tracking/alignment and total underbody seal including internals of sills/subframes/chassis rails etc. It also had a small bit of repair work done after I rather embarrassingly dropped it in pouring rain and broke the front bumper…

Then on Friday last week the windscreen cracked after being hit by a stone on a dual carriageway. I’m hoping I’ve got all the bad luck out of the way already.

Hope to make more use of the forum and I might get to a couple of local meets if time allows.

Tata for now,



Welcome, that must be all the bad luck out of the way surely!

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Hi Graeme, How much did the under sealing cost you? I would like to get mine done, it’s very clean and tidy underneath but I would like to protect it.

Hi @Steeve,

I would expect undersealing done properly to be a minimum of a two day job, remove covers, clean old rust, prepare surfaces, treat with underseal products, let it dry, put covers back on etc… To pay someone else to do it probably £450 - £600 ish .

The company linked (in Scotland, others are available) sets it out pretty well:

Hi chaps

Sorry it’s taken me a bit to reply.

Bear in mind that I was having quite a lot of work done so can’t separate out the labour charge here, but the treatment was indeed an overnight job and needed time to cure properly. Base charge for it was £299 excluding labour (I think, the invoice isn’t to hand).

I can say hand on heart that the sills definitely got done internally as I’ve had the trim panels off and there’s some of the wax showing in the clip holes! That makes me happy as my old car pretty much rotted from the inside out.

They sent me some photos while it was being done, with the car surrounded by arch liners and other removed bits & pieces.

Many thanks for your response, I’ll have to have a trip out and have a chat with them.