New forum to add Tapatalk integration

Hi all,

I would like to suggest for the new forum to add Tapatalk integration. That will allow the forum to be searched by bigger audience, and for people like me, that I use the phone to access forums it will beneficial as I won’t need to have 3 different apps to access forums. I can access all my forums via Tapatalk.

What are your thoughts?

From the Discourse Blog:

“No plans for this, the idea is that Discourse works great on smartphone without needing to install and configure anything extra”

So it’s not an option available to us, you don’t actually need an app for Discourse forums either just create a shortcut on your home screen and it works natively.

Yes, that is true but there is no way to get notifications of posts and messages right away, unless you set them up as email notifications.

That was a suggestion…

That’s a real shame. I participate in a number of forums, and having most of them in Tapatalk is the easiest way to access them.

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I would like to add a counter opinion here.

I, as a non tapatalk user, and very pleased that there is no integration. Opening a tapatalk enabled forum on a mobile device invariably always pops up a message telling me I could use tapatalk instead. Another annoying step.

(Discourse is brilliant too :slight_smile: )

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What is Discourse?

Sorry I’m old and non techy.

Discourse is the platform that this new forum is based on.

Tapatalk is a platform that allows you to be part of many forums all in one place.

Thank you.