New Forum Update

You may have picked up on the fact that there is a new forum in the works, this is true, the timeline for cutting over still has to be determined, we did want to start introducing you to some of the changes that are coming:

  • We will maintain sections of Members Only discussion and content while retaining our philosophy of embracing the wider MX-5 community by continuing to have Open areas.
  • The forum software is 'discourse', you can look here if you want to find out more (
  • We will migrate all content from the current forum, we may not make it all available as we're going to slim down the number of categories. Rest assured that 'Area Discussion', 'MX-5 Chat' and the 'Technical' areas will be made available immediately, other existing content will be presented as necessary though maybe in a differently named/slimmed down section.
  • Direct photo upload will be supported, do I hear cheers in the back? 
  • Discourse is great on mobile devices.
  • Search is better.
  • Personal messages (PM's) will not be migrated, there is a facility currently to export the contents of your PM folders to XML / CSV / Text - you will need to do this yourself if you want to keep any PM's.
  • Accounts that have not been active in the last 12 months will not be migrated. 
  • Signature blocks are not supported, so no car history, COG membership credentials or other taglines I'm afraid.
  • Post counts are history, sorry, it's an old metric that ultimately means very little.
  • It is a little bit different to the current forum software, ultimately we think the more up to date features and way of use will prove useful in keeping connected on any device type you prefer, you can see more detail on standard features of discourse here: (
  • We will not be customising the forum software to support anything that isn't standard in its features, customisation is the road to hell and difficulty in keeping current with feature updates and security patches.

Exciting times Ian  

If you want any testing doing drop me a PM, I was the webmaster at radbmx for many years. We did a huge migration, so I feel your pain, I’m sure there will be hours & hours of work gone into this, so l will be the first to say thank you! 


Noticed the forum was down a couple of hours ago, so assume it’s to do with the migration testing. Know how much work is involved in this (and worry/stress!) as I did the conversion from phpBB to IP board a few years ago with my own site. Sooo much stress as there is always a risk of it going pear shaped! Not heard of the new software platform but just had a look and really interesting. Totally different to any other platform I’ve seen, and appears to be more like the fb style of platform. Which should in theory make it appeal to all the facebookers who currently avoid forums, so could encourage more members! Which is good! Also nice to see a forum platform which can give FB some competition.

Just for those members that have not seen this post regarding revised forum…