New Forum

Thought I’d kick off the forum for the South East area. [;)]

What do people think of it compared to the old forum?

hi - i think it is rubbish!!!  can’t access the old threads.

had email saying i had a new message so opened it up - nothing there!!!

 need i say more??!!!

 whose bright idea was it to change it - it worked perfectly well before - and no

i am not a dinosaur just why change it if it ain’t broke!!!

Yes well haven’t played with the new one much yet - I guess it will be fine once we all get the hang of it - guess there will be teething troubles but I must admit it is a bit of a pain having to look at the two at present although not a lot on the new one yet.


Its not good at all, I simpy cannot understand why it was changed. I understand that they couldnt possibly ask ous before doing it but why oh why, it wasnt broken so why fix it?

This new forum is nowhere near as easy to use or navigate.

Reading the other posts on this subject it seems it may be down to the software selected. Come on whoever made the decision, get rid of this system and bring the old one back. 



I kept getting lost until I found the map line under the forum tab but that is off my screen most of the time.

Through my training work I often have to learn and train new programmes/total rewrites and deal with the feed back (OK flack) - I find they normally fall into two categories - love it why didn’t it work like this before - or hate it - never use again or use 'cose have to along with much bad language each time!  This one - not instant love but other wise jury is still out…

Although having said that I have tried to post this three times as it disappears when I hit the spell check which it still thinks I haven’t downloaded - Ahhhhhh!!!  

Ops! Think that was pop-up blocker getting excited![8-)]


Still loads to do on here, the BIG plus, you all got signed in and recognised as Club members, the old forum could not do that, we had to ask people to tell us who they were and manually upgrade their account, and of couse no one ever told us when they left ther Club… 5000 club members, hundreds using the forum, its was a nightmare at times.!

So with that facility it gives us far more scope for member only stuff on the forum.  That was always seen as a big thing to have… and I am sure we will make use of it.  The older style php forums are not capable of supporting that type of tie in with our membership database… So we have this software.  Which does need a lot of tidying up at the moment. 

Well why didnt you test and fix the faults before you inflickted it on the membership, why have we got to be the guineapigs, and why do we have to manually change the veiw the type for every page


You can change the view by default in your profile. 

We were told its was ready to go by the professionals employed to tell us such things.  We had one false start over issues and closed it.  And to be honest with 6 of us playing with it you cannot find out all the problems. Altoguh we did find plenty that got fixed.  Sorry for everyone being a guineapig but that seems to be how these people in IT work!!!   And it not just here, how much stuff we all use is described as beta so that there is an excuse for errors. Google seem to be very good at that.!

Which OS do you use…windows or mac…? now tell me that there are no problems with either…and you paid for those… big time! It’s been expliained elsewhere many times why we’re where we are, get over it and stop moaning, the old forum isn’t coming back thank goodness…

On the subject of Macs… is anyone looking into the compatibility issues of running this forum on an Apple Mac?

Thankyou martin for your civil reply, i think other mods could learn something from your attitude, i have a right to speak freely and if i dont like something i will say so.

What you all need to do now is to have a user guide at the top of the forum showing all of the current Q & A’s for fixing faults so that members dont have to hunt through each post for the answers which is irritating.


I have been adding a few FAQs to the FAQ section and have contemplated doing a more thorough list of all the little things that have been picked up over the last week and putting togther in one document.  Its because this is so dfferently structured to the phpbb forums but then again who on those doesn’t take an age to work out how to put in images and how to quote stuff, I know I did.!!  If someone would like to try and start a thread some where to try to pull together all the little things we have all learn’t over the last few days then it would help…  I will go do that now…

As got the Mac issues, they are noted and will no doubt get to the top of someones list at some point…

What are the Mac issues? It works the same on my powerbook at home running MAc OS 10.4 as it does on my PC at work. However, on both I only get the toolbar for smilies and stuff at best 5% of the time. Hence no smilies and sometimes no paragraphs!

not seen anything to make it worth my time


That sounds like a pot kettle thing mate 

Well Risingsun that certainly kicked the new forum off mate and I agree with most of the reply’s…what do you think of it?[:D]

With my 20 years as software trainer (including some testing and daily user) hat on [8-|]  I can safely say:

1.  When you think you have found all the bugs you haven’t even after Beta testing, there is nothing like loads of people using something, that they don’t know how it works, at the same time to find more bugs.  This is partly due to not being able to dream up all of the things people might try to do with it.  But Martin and the rest seem to be getting things sorted.  And yes there will always be guinea-pigs.  Do you remember Win95 etc and I’m not mentioning Vista! 

 2. When the “professionals” say it is “ready to go” take a very deep breath, put on bullet proof clothing, and duck!  Mind you “ready to go” is better than they “think” it is ready to go!

Yes it is getting better - I’m sure it is![:)]

By the way have you tried converting to Word2007? Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!


Woohoo…I’ve made it onto the forum. I think it’s BRILLIANT!!! What’s all the fuss about???  [H]

I’m guessing you haven’t used many other forum sites, then? I have, and I’m afraid that coming from some of the others to this one is (in terms of functionality, not content) like going from a nice bit of fillet steak to a Tesco Value frozen burger. [:(]