Welcome to all the South East Members to the new forum, I am also new to it so please bear with me if I make a mistake, I am not a computer wizz kid unfortunately. I think everyone needs to get used to the new layout and way it works so hopefully by 2009 I may have some idea of what I am doing he he …!!! [:^)]

Please be kind to me and I will try to sort out any queries.


Sarah ( Mazda Chick)

South East Area Coordinator

Hiya  [:D]

Hi Paul & Katie
Glad you have got on the forum and given it a go.

At last I have found my way here.

It’s all working and it’s all fine. We are going to try and make it to a few more runs and meets this year.

I’ve managed to crack it.

Nice to see we are all moving over to here.

Must get round to working out how to get car pic under name - never managed it get round to it on the old one!

Hi Sandra and Andy

Go to Personal Profile and click on Avatar then browse for picture from your PC and select and post

Well it worked for me…!!! Makes a change…!!![:)]

Good Luck [Y]

I’ve made it too!!
A bit tricky to start with … [:^)]