New from South Wales

Just joined. First timer with a 2010 2.0 Sport Tech in Silver.

Been an admirer of MX5’s for a long time. Jumped in back in December when the stars lined up and this one came looking for a new owner.

Will be having some tweaks over the next few months - a bit lower, a bit louder and a bit of ICE.

Looking through the mass of information on here to help choices


Welcome to the forums

Welcome… enjoy th 5 and dont do too much before you do some mikes in it… i am on my second MX5 and the first i spent some money on in terms of suspension, air intake, tune, exhaust etc
It did make the car more peppy but in all honesty unless you are going to track the car it may spoil the experience.
I have a 2.0 sport and in standard form as a daily driver and weekend play thing its great.
Sound enough on the back roads, corners like its on rails and not too noisy with the roof down. That was my biggest regret with the first car. Sounded immense outside but with the roof down at 55 it was more than a little droney…
Fantastic, affordable and fun cars.

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Thanks, nice to be part of the 5 gang.

I’ve had it for 6 months, and it’s an absolute blast. Enjoying the drives, with the roof down as much as possible.

Before doing anything, I’m doing lots of research and advice and seeing what’s going to add to the experience. Using it as my daily too, I want to make sure it’s not made less.

Id agree to leave most of it alone, upgrade the ice by all means but when you stick a louder exhaust on it makes it a bit pointless.