New from West Sussex

Hi All.

So I’m now the proud owner of my first MX5 which was brought very quickly, more by accident as a friend was looking to move it on as wanted to buy another car. I said yes and then had that horrible thought (we’ve all been there), ‘I’ve got to tell the wife’. With twin teens I didn’t think it would go down to well but turns out that the sunshine over the weekend sweetens the deal and now all I get is ‘dad, can you pick me up in the Mazda?’

This is my first convertible and owning an MX5 has always been on my bucket list.

It’s not without its issues, rust in the usual places but I had someone look over it and said even if I got the work done, it would still be worth it’s money so that the next decision.

I can’t garage the poor girl so will probably buy one of those ‘storm’ full covers for the winter on the drive.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi.


Hi and welcome

Hi and welcome.

Rust… ah yes, everyone will tell you about that. But you don’t look at the mantlepiece when you are poking the fire, so enjoy it without worrying about it.

Take the wife to the coast on a sunny day for fish and chips and she will love the car as much as you.

When you do get it assessed and estimates to put it right that is the time to weigh up selling on or fixing. Don’t over think it now.

Love the colour by the way, looks a million dollars.

Nice car, I have one in the same great colour.

Hi and welcome Mazda Man 1, looks gorgeous in the picture, i think that colour looks gorgeous on an MX5 wasn’t sure till I saw a picture of Jp’s and yours, as said enjoy it and way up the pros and cons of the welding, but my guess is that it becomes a well loved member of the family and you will splash the cash :+1: have fun, Dave.
Ps JP I look forward to meeting you at Stow Maries. Dave

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I saw the photos of yours. You’ve got a hard top too right?

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Thank you. I’ll wait and see how I feel about the rust and decide if she’s a keeper or not before getting anything done. We haven’t had her a week yet and already the family love it!!

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Look forward to meeting you to

Hi mate, yeah I have a hard top see picture, I think they make Mk2s Look so good.

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Get one if you can afford it in the future, it makes mine
an all year round car… this is my daily drive.