New member - 2.5L MX5 NC

Hi All, I have owned this MX5 NC named Raz for two years, I bought the car as a bit of fun and something I could use on track, she needed a little TLC so I have spent some time fettling it :grinning:.

The original 2.0 engine was suffering from the oil control ring issue so I decided to swap it with a 2.5 I4 from the American Mondeo, with IL manifold, FAB9 Stg1 cams and remap she puts out 212hp and a much wider torque curve (178 ft/lb max). Other mods are MiesterR Zeta CRD’s, Roddison fast road brake pads, de-tangoed lights, clear side repeaters and standard backbox which I have re-arranged the internals myself.

I’m looking forward to being part of the group and would be interested in attending events in Cumbria, Lincolnshire, track days and road trips.



Excellent Q car Jack. :wink: :japanese_goblin:

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Sounds like an amazing car!
Welcome to the club, from another Cumbrian NC owner.

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Thanks Christophe. I’m planning to refurb the rear subframe and body work under the back of the car over winter. I’m based in Barrow

I need to do some touch ups on the paint on mine.
I have waved at a car like yours a couple of times while driving between Barrow and Ulverston, but got no wave back😢.
Dalton here.

I’m usually pretty good at spotting people and waving lol :grinning:

You are more than welcome to come and have look and go out for a spin if you would like.

I’m usually free on Tuesday nights if so

welcome to the club mate.
im also a new member and in lincolnshire. (near grantham)
and i am a new nc2 owner.

that engine change sounds very interesting as it is something i may consider in the future.
tho i really want to supercharge but at a cost of near 6 grand an engine change would be far cheeper and only 50 bhp short of the lowest charger bhp.

anyway welcome to the club

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Cheers Thibor, I’m usualy in Lincoln at weekends with my family but not always in the MX5. :frowning:

Let me know if you would like any information about the 2.5 swap, there is a US facebook group which gives full details on the swap “NC MX-5 2.5 Club”

I did the swap myself apart from the re-map so happy to help if you have any questions. The nerd in me kept a spreadsheet of costs (sad i know😂) if you want an idea of a cost break down.

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Cheers Jack, thanks for the offer. I am not sure I would drive someone else’s car to be honest.
Local meets would be nice though.

thanks mate.

a rough idea of the overall cost of swapping the engine would be great please.

as to local meets.
there’s one at lincoln on the 27th.
just check the area page.
i emailed the area admin yesterday to check that it is still on but haven’t heard anything back yet

Thibor - The engine, parts, fluids, remap etc were around £2950, including the cams imported from the US and a second hand IL manifold.

I had a reasonable tool kit but spent an extra £600 on tools.

There are companies on Ebay etc that claim to do the swap for around £2750 but I don’t think they include the manifold, Cams and remap which are all required to make it worth it in my opinion.


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so roughly 3 grand plus labor.
that’s still substantially cheaper than a super charger.

thank you I shall think on this over the next few months.

Welcome to the club, sounds like a great car, have fun.

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