New member, after my MX-5 was written off!

On Thursday, my MX-5 Mk2 was squashed by a lorry. :sleepy:
20201022_093805_HDR (Medium) (Mobile)
Despite owning it for 10 years I never joined this club.

Still, every cloud n’ all that, a replacement has been found.
(A Mk3 Sports Tech PRHT)
The sticker on the boot kinda dictates that I sign up!

I pick it up later this week. Really excited!


Glad to see that you are back in an MX5. Were you in the previous car when it was totalled ?

Welcome on board, the NC is a different animal to the NB you’ll not be disappointed with it.

Yep, hubby & I were in the car when a lorry swiped us. :disappointed_relieved:
Drivers side wing crumpled in (Medium) (Mobile)

Still, the new car will be fun!

It’s currently awaiting the garage mechanic inspection. Should be fine as the last owner had a full service, 2000 miles ago. So sometime, later this week, I’ll be an MX-5 owner again!

I just got a call; the car will be ready Friday!


Nice colour, especially with those black wheels…

I actually wanted a Black MX-5 Mk3.5, with gunmetal wheels.
Then hubby used his ‘Jedi mind tricks’ & casually mentioned
that the Metropolitan Grey Mica (36C) looked nice.
After that, I obsessed about getting this colour with the black
wheel option. I was open to the idea of buying one where the
wheels had the alloy finish, then getting the the wheels coated.
Fortunately, I saw the ad for my car, & the rest is history.


I loved my Mk2 but my Mk3 is just a nicer drive; quicker, smoother but just as involving, particularly since I’ve had Bilsteins fitted all round.

Welcome to the club

Sorry to see that you lost your NB but silver linings and all that eh?
Good that you found a new MX-5 that you can enjoy.
What happened to your old car? Is it written off?

Yes. The insurance garage asked for photos, then rang back to say it’s totalled.
The insurance engineer is due to phone me later in the week to explain what
happens next. Which I imagine will be arranging collection of my car, along with
sorting out a write off value.
All quite sad. :confused:

That’s too bad because on the face of it the repair appears to be largely cosmetic.
The wheel looks intact with just a new wing required.
I hope you enjoy your new one just as much your old car. :+1:

I’d imagine there’s quite a lot of inner wing/structural damage there - the sort of thing that puts bodies/steering/suspension out of alignment…

I lost the wing, the bumper and the bonnet (which the wing folded over).
I can’t access the engine bay. The wheel edge is crushed inwards too!
There is a lot of rubbing noise and the car only drives up to 10 mph
before really loud grinding noises! Also turning into/out of roads is a
5 point turn and must be done at a max of 1mph, again to avoid more
loud noises.

The accident hapenned at my local garage, so the 1 mile limp home
was doable. Hubby was up for getting the car back home and he
kept reminding me that Lewis won the British GP with just 3 wheels!


I got it!
Though the engine is about 6 times the length of the rest of the car!

(or it may just be the lens…)

It’s a lovely car to drive and feels much more ‘together’ than my Mk2.

Sadly after 10 years, it’s the sunset of my Mk2.

(Disclosure: Photo taken today at 09:57:18 )

The salvage company collects the Mk2 on Wednesday. :cry:
I guess that as I proposed a Write-Off value to the Insurance engineer,
which after a few hours of checking, was accepted: “That’s a very fair value”
the car isn’t even mine any more.
Sad day. :unamused:


Sad to see another NB bite the dust but who knows, it may be repairable and at least you’ve got another MX-5 to enjoy.

Welcome New Member !
I Would Be Absolutely Gutted If this happened to my girl ! :cry: :broken_heart:
‘Every Cloud’ ?
Trying not to sound like a vulture here but any chance of the contact details of the Salvage Operator ?
My 15 year old 2.5 could do with some parts
Perhaps it might help your bereavement if you knew bits of your girl could live on in others ???
Apologies if I’m being inappropriate :worried: :fearful:

Hey there Bullit2005.
No not at all. I’d love it for parts to go to an OC member!
Marlita from Charles Trent Ltd Salvage, rang me.
01202 744194. The pick up is tomorrow.
It would be totally brill if you got bits from my car.
Points of note.
New clutch & clutch servo, 8 months ago
Roof is by JackRSmithMotorTrimmers in Swansea.
Google for reviews
I had a lot of welding 4? years ago. Sills & LHS engine bay.
The welder advised that the RHS of the engine bay (the bit the lorry squashed!)
would need attention at some point. This was never needed.
My garage did a Pre MOT assessment back in July. Much to my surprise
he said apart from the exhaust (which he couldn’t test as he doesn’t have
the test equipment) it should sail through an MOT. The rust on the rear wings
is extensive but again my mechanic said it was cosmetic so not an issue.
The drivers seat has a lot of foam visible due to wear. The drivers headrest
foam had compacted so your head would bump the metal frame! I swapped
with the passengers headrest. I turned it around when placing in the passenger
seat. Hubby hasn’t complained so there we are!

The heated rear window is intermittent and works for a few weeks when I cleaned
the window contacts. The engine is solid. I’ve a full history of servicing and also
records of everything I’ve had done on the car over the last 10 years. I am the 6th
owner. There was no service history provided to me. I got the car with 104,000
miles and in the last 10 years I added another 70,000 miles to this total.

Alpine media unit & Bury CC9060 Bluetooth handsfree unit.
Manuals for both are in the glovebox.
Tyres: Ziex ZE310 Ecorun. I really rate these tyres.
Lots of life in them, but note that the drivers front tyre
took the lorry impact and it’s structural integrity may be
compromised. (It MUST NOT be used again)

Let me know if you get some of my old car.

Last week…

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Hi New Member…Just picked up your message as your reply didn’t come auto into my inbox and was just checking to see
Will make enquiries to your Salvage Co
■■■ you are so clearly a MX5 Lover AND from one Female Owner to Another Extra Welcome !
STHT Mag did a Issue this year …don’t ask me when…where they focused on Female Owners…I meant to thank them for this but didn’t get around to it !
Will let you know if I can get any bits
Kind Regards

Hi New Member
Just Spoken to your Salvage Operator via Marlita who put me through to their breakage parts chappie
I was too late…Your Girl Now RIP and All Her Parts Gone so She Lives On in Others