New Member Based in Nottingham - MX5 NC (Mk3) Roadster Automatic 2009

About me: Retired, over 75 (So I have time to do online research), Passed Driving test 1960’s (So I have been maintaining my own vehicles since then as in the 60’s and 70’s as you did not get anywhere unless you could fix them and overcome their electrical, water ingress, wear and RUST problems yourself).
Vehicles: Mini (1958 Austin Seven), Simca 1000, Matra M530LX, Maxi, 1100, Renault 16 TX, Grenada, Honda Prelude, BMW K100LT motorcycle (still have it after more then 20 years and am member of their forum) which lifted my driving skills to new levels after 10 hours instruction from retired police riding instructor),
Current Vehicles - Skoda Fabia Mk1 diesel (The good one), Toyota Prius, and now MX5.
MX5 experience - Have been maintaining Daughter’s MK1 (until she brushed a wall) and her current MK3 and Ex wife’s Mk2 (Auto) until it hit a pothole and it was uneconomic to repair and has been replaced by a MK3 Automatic.
The above have all had the number one problem RUST (except the Skoda)
2024 plan - Check for rust and go in for preventative anti rust maintenance on new MX3, Do lots of road trips enjoying the MX5 with the MX5 guaranteed smile on my face.


Welcome to the Owners club, enjoy the MX as often as possible (with the top down)
Post some photos of your car when you can

Welcome and enjoy your MX5