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Hi all!

Not long bought my first MX5 and I love it!

Originally wanted a mk1 but honestly couldn’t find a good one. Started looking more and more at MK2s and finally found the perfect one. It’s a W reg Icon with leather interior, 6 speed, LSD and a 1.8 

First thing I did when I got it is machine polish and nano coat it. Drove it for 2 days then the weather turned so it’s in the garage for the foreseeable future  It’s also under a cover because the cat’s taken a liking to it and marked the bonnet after I spent 2 hours machine polishing the bonnet alone  I’ve done a few things to it and I’m slowly gathering parts in my room for when I have time to fit them.

Modifications/changes will be slow as I’m back at uni now and I’ve spent all my money on cars/insurance  


When I picked it up


This is what the paint was like before polishing. Typical 17 year old car that’s been ‘looked after’


After many hours of polishing, it looked like this


Then this… Look at her, she knows what she’s doing! The ironic thing is the machine polishing and nano coating made the paintwork super slick, which made her slip about and mark it even more  


Managed to get to one small local meet up before the weather turned.


Then a few of it as it is now, wheels are Watanabe RS8s. I wanted them before I got the car. They’re light and same as OEM specs but I’m tempted to change them for something wider.


Then a photo of my daily winter beater. I daren’t take the MX5 out on the salty roads for fear of it instantly rusting 




2017 :

2018 :

very nice car, come with us in Normandy in june (we have cats ), you will be welcome

Hi and welcome to miles of fun 

Hi and welcome on board. 

Hi and welcome,did you think to treat the cat to some SLIPPAWS for Christmas.

Welcome to the club.

if you fancy a Night out with a local group, we meet just north of Wolverhampton. Just check out the area details for North West Midlands.

Dawn and Jim

Nice!!! Hello and welcome.