New member from Cumbria

Hi, just bought my first Mazda, MX5 GT Sport Tech, I’ve moved from a Porsche Boxster and in the first 250 miles, I’m finding the MX5 a good comparison, a little slower but a lot more nimble. Looking forward to the 7500 red line once the engine is bedded in. John😊


Hi John and welcome from Nottinghamshire… Lovely car :slight_smile: I’ve had my 2018 ND2 2.0 SportNav+ since last July and absolutely love it… The MX-5 isn’t all about numbers, though the 184 is pretty brisk, but it’s the way it makes you feel every time you drive it - Every mile brings a smile… Enjoy getting ever close to the 7500 redline as your mileage increases…!

Thanks Rob, I have a broad smile on my face every time I go out, liking the car more and more.

Hi John a warm welcome from not so sunny Essex. I’m interested, what made you change fro your Boxster?

Beautiful colour Sole red :+1:

Hi John and welcome from Essex, you will enjoy your car no doubt about it and I do love that colour. Nice part of the country you’re from, we go there a lot to walk the fells, in fact we where there just after Easter and we are are up there again at the end of June to do a Mountain Marathon.

My Boxster was a 2010 and over the last 5 years had cost me a lot of money, having to replace stuff at 35 to 40k miles isn’t good in my book. I was thinking of buying a 981 Boxster or Cayman and after 6 months of looking, I came to the conclusion that I was going to spend £30/35k on a 5 to 6 year old car with the same issues as the ones on my Boxster. It was then I decided to buy new and the MX5 was really the only car that fitted my requirements and budget😊

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Thanks for the welcome, yes it’s a striking colour and will be even better when it goes for paint correction and ceramic coating in the next few weeks. Glad that you enjoy this part of the world, I was born here.

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I came to the same conclusion as you re boxter/cayman at around £30k ish after years of fast BMW’s.
If you get a good one and aren’t too hard on it you MAY be ok, (although even scheduled servicing is wallet busting) but get a bad one and combine it with some miles as a daily driver and the running costs are horrendous.
The other thing is the long gearing, which for UK use, and typical B roads which are my thing, just doesn’t work.
Hence the 30AE.
I think there’s a few on here who have come from Porsche, for good reason.
Sounds like you’re enjoying yours, for peace of mind if it’s a keeper I’d change the gearbox/diff oil regularly, plenty of info on here.

Thanks, I’ll bear the oil change info in mind, not done 400 miles yet, so that’s a fair way off😊

Welcome from another Cumbrian driver.

Thanks, I live in Furness as well😊

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You will find that very few local 5 drivers wave back…

When I had an MGB Roadster most MG owners waved, I’ve just left Porsche Club GB and not many Porsche owners waved. A bit sad really.

I’ll be sure not to miss your car around Barrow/Ulverston.

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Sweet looking ride, welcome and enjoy


I do! - Although sometimes I’ve ended up squirting the windscreen rather than flashing the lights…


Hi Bluebird, I’ll keep an eye out for you in the furness area.

I’m based in Barrow and have a Galaxy Grey NC (mk3)