New member from Hampshire (first mx-5 owned)

Hi everyone and thanks for letting me joining this great club.
My name is Costantino and I am part of the MX-5 world and family since getting a soul red ND2 in late 2019. Since that moment this car has only been giving smiles and happiness :slight_smile: .
Looking forward to meet and share the passion for this car with many of you.


Hi Constantino, welcome to the forum and MX5 ownership !


Nice looking car - welcome!

Welcome to the wonderful world of the MX-5.

Welcome, wow what a showroom finish that is!

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…cracking looking car…almost wish I had gone for an RF now!!!

Welcome to the obsession!
Are you North or South Hampshire (Solent Area or South Central)?

@Trinacria, Welcome that RF looks like the colour is Soul Red Crystal, as @Dipstick aka Alan as mentioned, what part of Hampshire do you love, as your postcode could put you in either the Solent or South Central regions.
If you are Solent the joint AC are Mal Rowland and Terry Botto.

Thank you all for your nice comments. @Dipstick @fjohnw, I am living in South Hampshire and my postcode is covered by Solent area, looking forward to join area meetings as soon as we can.

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I nearly bought an RF in SRC in September as my first MX. But the lairy loud orange one next to it in the showroom kept shouting “buy me”! I’ll probably see you at a Solent meet if/when they start up again…


Hi and welcome Constantina - even though you were here before me!!
Your Soul Red ND2RF looks amazing - Hope you’ve enjoyed a few miles during these restricted and difficult months… :slight_smile:

Gorgeous looking car and welcome