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Hi All,

Name’s Dre, bought my first MX5 (also first convertible) during lockdown, as you do. She is a 2001 NB 1.8VVT Sport. Was searching for the right one for months then this one turned up for sale a few miles down the road.

Mainly bought for track days and general fun driving. So far installed a GCFabs roll bar and changed to more track suited oil and filter. First track day at Blyton park was so much fun and learnt a lot about the car. Second and probably last track day this year at Blyton this Sunday. Will be looking into tyres and suspension next year I think.

She did have the usual rust at the rear of the sills from the drain holes. Repaired these and sprayed, looking good now.

What’s the best way to find out if local events are happening or not given the CoronaCoaster?



Welcome :+1:

Meisters and MRF Tyres

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