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Hello all, I’m a new member and bought my MX5 RF 2.0 [Sport Nav] last Sept (2017 plate in ceramic although DVLA have it as Silver). Haven’t used it much - I’m fortunate to have a second car (Focus). Looking forward to going on some local rallies when matters change regarding the virus. Would like some advice on improving the gear change (I don’t think it’s as sweet as it should be) and also replacing the silencer for a BBR (or similar) stainless steel one.

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I’m sure one of the many knowledgeable people on the forum will have some suggestions for your questions soon. Is there anything particularly that stands out about the gear change that you are concerned about like snatching when moving the stick or so on?

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Hello, welcome to the club

Hello and welcome !

Hi Jon, most of the time the gear change is not (‘rifle-bolt’) easy to select. 1st and 2nd most tricky, 3rd OK, 4th-6th seem OK too but I have no benchmark with which to compare. I’m inclined to think there’s something out of alignment or perhaps its the gear oil? 8,900 on the clock, just one previous owner - don’t know how it was driven though. One indicator perhaps, all four wheels were scuffed but the dealer re-dressed them before purchase. Clutch fluid reservoir is topped up.

Seems very low mileage to be gear oil but as you say, depends on the treatment of the car and whether there are or have been other problems like damaged gearbox seals. Might also be clutch (as you suspected with the fluid level check) related if torque from the engine isn’t fully released in the gearbox. Hopefully someone with more RF experience will give you some help soon.

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You might give Paul Roddison a call. He’s seen a few of these in bits and you are likely to get more sense than from the average Mazda dealer.
0114 244 5300

Click the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page and enter “ND gearbox” (without quotes) into the search box that appears. You will find lots of stuff you need to read.

Many thanks, I’ll take a look :slight_smile: