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Hello All

Purchased a RF in summer and am interested in the meet for the West London area when Covid disappears. Does any one have the contact details etc. Also, on the track days is it at a steady pace or is it a race? Don’t fancy crashing my beauty!
Any advice more than welcomed.
Thank you

Congratulations on the purchase of your RF last summer, and welcome to the forum!

Welcome Binkman. I am just down the road in Leatherhead.
WRT track days, definitely not a race. But also not a procession; drive round at your own pace, only passing when it is expected and indicated, so usually very safe… until someone gets red mist and tries to pass when it is not expected and drives into a closing gap. Drive at your own pace and let faster drivers (who may be in slower cars) past and you won’t have any issues unless you exceed your ability and are unlucky with no run off.

I’ve done 20 to 30 car and bike track days with no issues.


Welcome Binkman, great to hear from you.:ok_hand:

Hello and welcome!

The West London area of the forum can be found here:

I used to be the area coordinator for WL, but after 10 years I hung up my boots at the end of 2019 but no-one stepped in to take my place. Then covid happened and of course there’s been no meets or events.

Heather was set to continue to arrange the pub meets in 2020 but restrictions have never lifted so that large groups could meet up. I am sure still will pick this up again when we are allowed.

Track days. As mentioned, they are not a race. Depending on who you book with they will have different formats. Some just operate ‘open pit’ so you’ll get all abilities on track. The OC put on their own track day/weekend (usually June or July) and the morning sessions tend to be grouped by ability with the afternoon session being open pit. This means that if you’ve never been on track before you can book into the novice/beginner sessions to gain the experience first. This is a good way to get a feel of your and your car’s ability and limits.

Edit: This links gives you info on potential track days for 2021

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Hi Planet Claire

Thank you for the info… I feel a little overwhelmed by owning my mx5! I wish to do so much, yet with the situation at the moment I just look at her on the drive :frowning_face:
Looking forward to ‘Unlock’ - and exploring what is out there.
Once again thank you

Thank you for the advice, will see what summer brings.

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