New member in Furness

Hi all,

It was about time I joined, having already learned a lot on this website while enjoying 7 months with my first ever drop-top.
Mine’s a NC 1.8 PRHT Venture Edition from 2013, bought with 34k miles on the clock, back in February.
10k miles of shared stories later, I am still in awe.
I hope to meet some of the local MX-5 owners on here, and attend events one day soon.
Thank you for the information I have already gathered.


Hi Christophe.

I suspect that a lot of members would not know where Furness is! Welcome to the club. Just trying to work out where the picture was taken. On Kirkstone pass?



Oh, well, it will be my excuse for posting some photos of my local drives. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, this one was taken on Kirkstone Pass, on the Windermere side.
Is it near where you live, or a spot you’ve often holidayed to?
Thank you for the welcome.

Hi Christophe,

We live in Ulverston so we know the area well!

Will PM you sometime when we know where we are with the Covid situation. In the meantime keep enjoying your MX5, which is one of the few pleasures in life at the moment.



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