New Member in Glasgow 👋

Hi all

Newly joined the forum after having my Mk1 Eunos for almost 2 years. Can honestly say I’m completely in love with the car to the point it is a disease. Since buying the car I’ve gone on to remove a lot what previous owners have done to the car, given it a name, upgraded the suspension, refreshed the interior and found a hobby in having a youtube channel about it to keep me honest :joy:

Recently had the misfortune of going out for a late night drive before the lockdown kicked in again and unfortunately had a head on with a fox that bolted out in front of me whilst going down a country road. Needless to say the fox didn’t make it but the car is now in bits getting fixed back together.

How she looked when I picked her up

How she looked a few weeks ago

Sadly how she looks today

But I’m working at getting her back on the road in the next few weeks with a repaired front end and a replacement radiator :grin:


Welcome and shes a beauty !!!

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Thanks sir, the pictures hide some of the crimes :joy:

Looking forward to seeing more pictures of it :+1:

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Hello and welcome… Beautiful car, and hope the “Foxy” damage is fixed soon… :slight_smile: Rob


Not so fantastic Mr Fox! Hope you get the car back to its former glory soon.

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I’ll need to try and start taking more pics. Usually forget to do that because I’m usually filming it. Would be good to have a photo record as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome mate and fellow Scot lol. What a stunner of a mk1, that paint looks about a mile deep! Got a red mk1 myself and yes, these wee cars are like an addiction!! Got any pics of the interior?

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Hey Chillax and thanks sir! the paint is in not bad shape at all, just a shame my sills will need doing at some point :man_facepalming:

I’ve not really got any pics of the work I’ve done but If you flick this video to 30:00 minutes in there’s a before and after sequence of it after I completed the dash recover etc :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s still not really finished at some point I’m going to replace the fake roll hoop and probably do something with the dials but thats way down the road.

Got any pics of yours?


There’s a red NA just a couple of streets away from where I am in Paisley, don’t suppose it’s either of you guys?!

Nah, not me.

lol Not me either, I’m down in the Scottish Borders :smiley: Nice video mate, loving the work you’ve done with the dash and door cards. Ours also has a black/red interior. Was standard when we got her, with the separate headrest busted cloth seats that looked horrible, then went through a phase where we fitted standard tombstone seats. Finally picked up nice two tone red/black leather seats which suit her nicely. The red centres are perforated leather, so look quite good. Also got the gear gaitor and handbrake gaitor to match. I did go down the wood route for a while, with the fake wood centre console and a small wooden steering wheel, but got bored of it and went back to her oem Nardi leather wheel and black centre console. much better. Also got the Jass Performance gear surround and cup holder, and IL Motorsports hazard/pop up light surround and vent rings to brighten it up a bit

Deffo going to do something with the door cards/speaker surrounds (saw the ones you have online, really like those!) then new carpet. Carpet might change to red, not sure yet! Ideas are always changing with these things eh!


Here’s a link to mine which will show you all we’ve done so far. Going to be doing full refurb of underneath (floors treated and rust proofed, subframes all treated and painted plus suspension parts etc) then onto the sills and finally will be respraying her myself as I used to do spraying many years ago. Just waiting on my new garage being built as we only moved down here about 8 months ago. Tis a labour of love!!

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Wow dave your Mindy looks absolutely stunning! What a great condition you’re keeping her in. Hope one day mine can get close to that level of “clean” :joy:

Those Eunos speaker surrounds aren’t to everyone’s taste but soon as I seen them I thought I’ve got to have those, wasn’t sure at the time if I wanted to refurb the teardrops or not but soon as I fitted the door cards I was glad of that decision, a subtle change but a nice one. Love those seats you’ve got in looks great!

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Thanks mate, she does look cleaner in the photos than she actually is though (although I’ve been told it’s because of my ocd! lol) Her paint looks good in sunlight, but under the florescent lights in the garage the paint work is pretty poor. She’s had a respray at some piont, and the prep was deffo not up to any standard I’d have been happy with. Can see lots of sanding scratches beneath the paint. But to be honest, even if her paint had been spot on, my plan with the resto was always going to be I was going to respray her myself. I just love flawless paintwork, that looks a mile deep.

Can you get those speaker surrounds with the Mazda logo on them instead of the Eunos logo (Mindy is a UK girl)

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I know what you mean, The paint on mine is the same in a few places. At some point I’ll also be looking for a full respray. I think you can get those speaker grilles made custom. I got them from I don’t think they are taking any orders just now mind you but from what I remember you could get various styles for them.

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Yes thats right mate, thats where I’d seen them before, just couldn’t remember where! They look amazing. Think MX5mods are closing down now though which is a real shame, they had some really nice products

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Oh yeah just had a look there, says in the site it was coming back soon thought it was just down due to the c word :see_no_evil: Gutted if they are closing down for good they had some nice stuff. I think carbon miata do some similar speakers covers though? Not 100% though.

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Mate its looking sweet, real impressive… go have yourself an Irn-brew on me :+1:

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