New Member in Lytham St Annes

Just bought (privately) a very low mileage 2017 MX-5 RF 160 PS Sport Nav with Safety Pack and joined the Owners’ Club yesterday. I have already learned a lot about the car from the forums here and also elsewhere, especially on YouTube (… I have become a bit obsessed with the potential water drainage issues on the RF but there is lots of help out there; I suspect, like others, I dread problems with the draining and/or with the RF’s roof mechanism).

I enjoy doing my own maintenance and look forward to keeping the car in good nick. Next project is to buy a low-profile trolley jack … I spent Monday getting the car onto blocks of railway sleeper for an oil change using just a scissor jack. I also solved the Rubik’s cube problem of rotating the wheels using the same jack and a pair of axle stands, but it all would have taken a fraction of the time with a proper jack. I have learned a great deal about the car as a result though and enjoyed doing the work.

Looking forward to driving the car seriously

now. I have a long trip planned for next week.

Good to have joined the MX-5 community anyway. Jonathan


Welcome Johnathan, you look to have a very nice RF. I think obsessing can be a double edged sword. Yes we want to keep our cars in the best possible condition, but then you start magnifying everything that could or might ever go wrong ( I know I can be guilty of it myself) I don’t even question any of the other cars I drive , I just get in start up and go . These cars are made to be driven.Yes they can have problems, like all makes of other cars I have owned , but I have certainly owned new cars that have more .


Hi Johnathan and welcome from Nottinghamshire. Looks like you have found yourself a lovely ND RF… It’s so easy to become obsessed with “issues” like rust, drainage, detailing and modding etc, but the key is to enjoy the car especially the driving - which is the MX-5’s trick card! Anyway, welcome to the MX-5OC, and whilst we await some proper MX-5 driving weather, this isn’t a bad place to be…! :slight_smile:

Thanks Rob … agreed - definitely the right advice! Jonathan

Welcome, looks lovely :+1:

So is Lytham, been a few times.:+1:

Thanks Mick. Yes, Lytham is lovely though we are at the less fashionable St Anne’s end of Lytham St Annes. It is a wonderful area for whizzing around in an MX-5 though.

Welcome to the club and you have a nice car there.

I have been to most of the coffee shops in Lytham over the last couple of years as I have a friend up there (who lives in St Annes!). When I was a teenager I used to live there, close to the beach on the Blackpool side of town…

Nice place…

Welcome,see you around I live in Staining so go to lytham area often !

It is … we’re not real northerners but have been here 20 yrs and we love the standard of living here. Pity about all the speed limits though …

Hello Stephen - don’t often get to Staining except as a rat-run home from the Zoo/Hospital area. Went for a blissful spin today with the roof down. Very happy moment driving around Granny’s Bay in the MX for the first time. Best, Jonathan

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Hello MX5RF
If you plan to keep your car for a more than 2 or 3 years it is certainly worth getting it
professionally Dinitroled to help prevent corrosion/rust.
Take a trip to CBS Autos Nelson BB97BJ 01282 697413 ask for Carl.
Carl knows MX5’s inside & out. Excellent work sensible prices.
I have been a customer of Carl’s for 9 years.

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Hello Johnathan and welcome. Fantastic looking RF too :heart_eyes:. We had a run up to Lytham St. Annes a few weeks ago, the last time the sun was out . It was great to see so many people out alfresco in the cafes, lazing in the park and walking up and down the promenade.

Let’s hope the sun comes out to play again soon.

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Thanks, MX51 MJR … nice registration, by the way, assuming that’s your reg. I’m contemplating one involving MXV (V being the Roman symbol for 5, of course) but the car has standard plates at the moment. It’s fun living somewhere where people come to visit after being brought up in a suburban non-event place. Good pic of Lytham Square with all its smart eateries. The place on the left - Deacons - is one of our haunts for special occasions. The Beach Café at St Annes is a short walk from home and we are more comfortable there … it is great for an inexpensive decent breakfast or lunch without tiresome airs & graces. You can park next to it too. Good wishes - Jonathan

Useful contact, Keith - thanks for that. Jonathan

Seconded Keith

A warm welcome to the club, to you and your lovely car.
The Taps in Lytham was my hangout for a fair few years… The above photo has send me tripping down memory lane.

I have an RF and no water probs so far. However friend has soft top and the boot gets wet. He figured out that it is when the car is parked on a camber.
Enjoy the wee car.

Thanks, Jean. I don’t think I have any leaks either … just that on joining the Club I started reading the posts and those on leaking RFs caught my eye. Fingers crossed. Am certainly enjoying it so far and, of course, that is the chief reason we buy such wholly impractical little cars! Best, Jonathan

Yes, nice pub and still going strong, although Portofino next door has shut. We’re about half-way between Lytham and St Annes … OK, being honest, we’re in St Annes. Thanks for your kind words though. Best, Jonathan

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There are threads on this forum that discuss potential reasons for water ingress, and solutions to them. Your mate’s car should not get wet in silence…