New member in North West London - Mark 1 restoration

Hi everyone,

I’m a new member, but I’ve had my Mk1 MX-5 for over 20 years! I’ve only driven her about 15,000 miles in those 20 years and despite almost always being garaged she now needs some age-related attention as well as a major service (cambelt etc). I am in Pinner. Does anyone have a recommendation for a garage in the area? The sills need doing and the roof needs replacing and I want to make sure it is done properly - quality is more important than price.



Hello Phil, and welcome from Nottinghamshire… Whilst I can’t advise you on your Mk1 NA, there will be plenty here who can and will :slight_smile:

Welcome. Would love to see photos as doing a mk1 restoration at the moment.


Hi Phil,
You’re actually zero miles from the King of rust treatment.
Guys name Anand Vaid, you’ll find him on the Facebook group Mx5 Mk1 Owners.
Contact him, he’s in Pinner and you won’t regret it.
His borescope will be inside your sills and gives you the facts. Get in quick if you want any work done soon as he gets booked up. I’m down in April.

That’s perfect, thanks, I’ll look him up.

I’ve give him the nod on messenger, you won’t regret it.

Hi Phil
I’m not aware of anyone in your area now that Performance 5 are gone, but Richard isn’t too far from you so hopefully he might be able to recommend somewhere local for your service.
I’ve just booked my mk2 to go for another rust restoration, so good luck with yours.

Welcome to the club, good to hear about another classic being looked after.