New member local to Elvington - local information

 Hi all - not an owner yet but working on it!

I live a few miles from Elvington in a small market town called Pocklington. I had a Ferrari racing day at the circuit a few years back - from memory 10-miles door to door. If anyone wants a guide to the area places to eat, drink, etc can recommend a few to try or avoid as you like.

For those of you driving to Elvington from the south and want an exciting last few miles if coming up via Howden (M18/M62) there’s a smashing road the local police use to train motorcyclists on. It’s full of nice bends and great fun to drive - I use it regularly on my way home from my travels to and from St.Mary’s the home of Southampton FC! It’s the B1228 that takes you to Sutton on Derwent and then Elvington. There’s some nice pubs for food in Sutton if you’re peckish. The Vincent Arms is a bit more up market and worth booking if you fancy a posh bite!

Depending how adventurous you are and how far you want to drive there is plenty of good eating around. Places to avoid - The Steer Inn as the food is poor (and over-priced) on A1079 close to Pocklington, and personally I’m not a big fan of The Windmill again on A1079 at Dunnington. The food is OK but don’t take your mobile - it’s only a pub with eating!

The Ve Raj Indian at Shiptonthorpe is very good if you like a bit of spice.

This part of Yorkshire has lots of fun roads to drive if you know where to find them!

Good luck - might just see you there!