New member ND RF 1.5 from Belgium

The good morning,
As mentioned I m from Belgium and owner of a 1.5L NDRF a 2018.
Cars is really my passion and I like reading and sharing things about MX5
Thanks for my admission


Good morning and welcome M.
I used to work for a Belgian company based in Ghent, nice people over there.
Have a look at this Technical Service Bulletins for info regarding your noise. There is one for rear callipers and one for lose diff bolts that may or may not be relevant.

Thanks Mad_Malc

Hello and welcome… I’m a fellow ND owner and love it :slight_smile:

Hello, supposed we are waiting little rays of sun to top off! But it is not the case with rainy weather we have now in Belgium

Welcome to the forums Mitch. Good to see an international member. I hope you get plenty of good weather after the rain.
It would be great to see some photos of your adventures if you get the chance.
Stay safe,

Hi and welcome, Mitch !

Hallo Mitch, welkom hier van een andere Belg (Meldert, Oost-Vlaanderen) …ik ga verder in t’Engels om het “netjes” te houden. Hope you find your answers and information concerning our loved fives

Hallo b_w, ik ben 35 kilometers van Luik, Aachen en Maastricht.
Thank you for the welcoming :wink:

Hi and thank you Guy

Bienvenu sur le site. Des photos, s’il vous plait.