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Hi all,
Not quite an owner yet but hoping to be quite soon.
It’s only taken 30-odd years for it to be practical for me to own the car I first wanted when it was released in 1989!
Actively looking for a late model ND (maybe a new one if the factory wait isn’t too long), but trying to decide between RF and soft top…


Welcome to the forums.

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Hi and welcome from just north of Mansfield!

Good luck in your search. There are a good few of both around though prices are high, but that’s the same across the used car market… Are you looking at 1.5 or 2.0 litre?


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Hi dude, welcome. I have owned the NA some 25 odd years ago and now an NC Roadster Coupe and if I’m honest I do prefer the hard top. Having a roof feels a bit more protected from the elements and seems to keep the warmth better (from what I remember).

With my NA I also had the hard top that was used primarily in the winter whereas in the summer I had to store the hard top away and just used the soft top. With my NC now I get the best of both worlds, and I’ve I’m honest I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Thanks for the welcomes all.

I’ve already had a test drive in a 2.0L so that’s what I’m looking at.

As for the soft top vs RF, it’s not a question of warmth, it’s more of noise on the motorway commute that is unfortunately unavoidable and where I’ll spend most of my time.

The soft top was always my first choice, and still is, I just don’t know if I’ll wish I had the hard top when I’m on the motorway. Or if I’ll wish I could drive fully open on a sunny day if I had the RF.
The RF is stunning looking, too.

Hi and Welcome,

Soft top ND - have driven mine to Cornwall on various motorways in the pouring rain(whole journey - 7 hrs and no I’m not a masochist!)) no problem; had a mate with me who was v. impressed.
Love the car.

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Thank you Elaine. Good to know :slight_smile:

Decided to go for new.
Ordered just before New Year. Not only my first MX 5 but my first ever new car. Can’t wait!
Hopefully it will arrive in March. No doubt pics will appear elsewhere on the forum.


welcome to the club

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Thanks for all the welcomes.

Latest update is my car is due for delivery in April. Can’t wait!

When placing my order the salesman mentioned talking later about some ‘extras’. He mentioned Diamondbrite, something called Smart Insurance and I think wheel and tyre insurance.
Is the Smart Insurance for minor dings and scratches to the bodywork?

We haven’t had the full sales pitch on these yet. My gut feeling is to say no to all of these, any advice or opinions would be gratefully received.


Should be nice weather and longer days by April too :slight_smile:

If it was mine, skip the Diamondbrite and get yourself some decent polish and wax… Love giving mine the TLC - Some friends/neighbours say I’m obsessed…no, it’s worse than that…!
I’m not sold on any of these insurance extra’s than seem to be offered in abundance from everywhere for everything - Probably more sense putting some funds aside each month, and if anything happens you pay for it, and if it doesn’t, you wont… :slight_smile:



Thanks Rob, that mirrors my thoughts, nice to hear another in agreement.

I had Diamondbrite on an Astra from Available Car several years ago and I don’t remember it being any better than paintwork on other cars I’ve had without it to be honest.


Just checking if this is still the method for joining the club if already being a forum member?
Only reason why I ask is the post is from 2008, just wondering if it’s still the correct phone number.

good question! This is the current membership admin number, so call that please and speak to Denise, and I’ll check the other as I can’t recall if we kept it or not…

Finally picked her up yesterday. She looks stunning.


Wow! Great Colour, but I would say that! ENJOY!!! :hugs: and welcome

  • it’s really worth joining the owners club - saved me on insurance - my old insurer didn’t like meets, on road club get togethers, and shows etc!
    The area meet near you is worth going to too, for events, catching up with other MX5 heads and so on.
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Thanks Elaine. Yours is a great colour too!
Absolutely everyone who has seen the car from work to friends to family comments on how much they like the colour.

My dealer liked it so much that the posted it on their facebook page, that’s where the pic is from - I didn’t take it!

Yes I’m fully intending to join the club, just as soon as I find the time to get on the phone. Had a hectic week.

I never considered that the car meets and shows would fall foul of normal insurance cover. Is that the case?

Only Aviva in my case, it may not be so with other insurers. Probably my own fault as I read the small print and they used the word Rally in the exclusions - tried to explain the sort of things the club does and assured them that I was not doing time trials/off road racing/track days - but would be doing shows and meet ups… They then wanted to know date and time of each show, marshalling, roping off/security, public access, etc. So I declined their proposal and went with Lancaster Insurance, who insure race cars/transporters and know about classic (in my case of the future) cars and car clubs, and because of club membership I saved money too!

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