New Member - Oxfordshire Area (Mazda Dealership Staff)

Hello everyone,

Thought I’d post a quick hello to everyone here and introduce myself.

My name is Tom and I am from the South Oxfordshire area and currently driving a 2022 RF GT Sport Tech. :checkered_flag:

I have been a follower of the MX5 owners network for many years and have recently joined the club fully to get more involved.

It’s worth noting that I work for a Mazda main dealer and always happy to help wherever I can. :ok_hand:

I look forward to meeting you guys in the future. :raising_hand_man:t3:


Nervous Welcome :thinking:

From NB 2.5 1.8 Icon Member in Staffs

Potential Wealth of Knowledge :brain:

But Me Thinks You Brave Man to Join as You Could Come In For Some Stick Here

Not Guilty Me Lord :innocent:


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Certainly prepared for more than my share of stick of course.

But I am a member here as an enthusiast in the first instance due to a long standing passion for the MX5 and the wider Mazda brand.

My affiliation to the dealership is just simply an added bonus when it comes to providing support where needed. I don’t claim to be anywhere near as knowledgeable as anyone else on here, but certainly more than happy to assist however I can. :crossed_fingers:

That being said, I am more than likely to call upon the knowledge in this group to support me rather than the other way around. :joy:


Hi Tom, welcome to the forum. What’s your role in your dealership? Do we know each other?

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Hi Robbie, I don’t think we do know each other yet.

I am a Retail Manager in the dealership. (far from technical) :+1: