New member saying hello!

 Hi folks! Just a quick intro from me - I’m more commonly known here in internet land as BreadBin and have frequented various car fora as I’ve tended to change cars quite a lot. I’ve been looking for ‘my’ car for a long time and I wish I’d got an MX-5 years ago - I’d have saved thousands!
So to the car, its a '91 V-Spec Eunos in black. It’s had a few modifications, suspension and exhaust mainly.

Cheers all!

 ooooof!! thats nice that!

G’day mate, Welcome to the Forum

Nice wheels

Thats a nice car.

Welcome to the forum


Hi Ya.

Welcome [:D]


Nice car [H]

 Thanks for the welcome(s)!
 I too think it’s nice, it’s the one of the tidiest and prettiest cars I’ve ever owned. :slight_smile:
When I get some decent photos I’ll post them up [Y]