New member with an RF from County Durham

Hi, new member from County Durham, picked up my 3 year old RF ND Sport Nav last week after part exchanging a Mini Cooper SD


Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire - ND owner too, but the soft top. Yours looks great and I’m sure you enjoy it…! :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome another RF owner from West Wales

Lovely looking car

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Hello and welcome from another RF owner in Essex.

Great picture :+1:

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Hi Steve
Welcome to the club, we too have an RF, and like you a recent purchase it will 2 weeks ago tomorrow.



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Thanks for the welcome folks :+1:t2:

Where in county durham are you ?


oooh Spenny… might of seen you around when Ive travelled with the mighty Blyth Spartans :joy:

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