New MX-5 owner in Ireland

Hi there - just picked up a 2004 MKII with just 25,000 miles. Totally new to the MX-5 world of ownership, have driven 2018-present day models however through the day job.

I’ve ordered a cover, that’s about it so far. Car seems to have been garaged forever so rust does not seem to be a problem, touch wood.


Welcome to the club, look like you picked up a corker there Mark.

Hope she remains rust free for decades to come and wishing you many smiles per mile. Got to love a 2.5 :wink:


Limited to one pic per post as I’m a newbie but one more here. Have to register it in Southern Ireland now so there’ll be additional money going into it now on top of the purchase price, probably another €1500 more. :weary:

Welcome along and enjoy - The NB is the definitive mx5 in my view.:sunglasses:


The annual road tax is quite punchy there too I heard - do you know how much?

It will all be worth it though! Car looks fab.

€673 per annum yeah and around €1700 import (VRT) tax. Paid perhaps the higher end but mileage and condition etc I’m happy enough.

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The import tax I would just see as a sunk cost to get the car into the country, I would guess other cars of that condition are just not available locally so that’s just the price of having an MX5 in Ireland. Plus you’ll probably recoup some of that when you eventually sell it.

As for the road tax, that is stiff but look at it this way - €1.84 a day to have a fun car at your disposal. That’s basically the cost of a posh chocolate bar. And the car will be better for you!


I’m off to snow foam her this weekend, get the trombone wire out (all sounds dodgy) and I’ve Lanoguard ordered so hopefully will be up on a ramp over the next week or so.

She got Xpert Snow Blast, mitt, towel dry, tyres dressed and a quick spray of Lanoguard on the sills and rear arches just to see how easy it is to use. Still can’t get over the condition of it.

Also took a huge amount of gunk out of the rear arch sills and used the trombone cleaner to clear the rain holes although they were pretty clear to be fair.


Sony unit fitted to the car, great to have Spotify and maps etc


Lovely part of the world. My wife’s sister lives in Dalkey.

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The posh part! Although these pics were taken in Howth which can be equally posh at times. Both very desirable places to live!

A nice , top down drive- followed by a drink & a bite to eat in the ‘King Sitric’ would be in order.
Lovely car. Enjoy.

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