New MX-5 owner on Hayling Island (2005 NC Launch Edition)

Hi All,

I’ve just returned to England after half a century of living in 13 other countries. It’s great to be back. I must say that of all the places I’ve lived, the UK is by far the best place to find good, cheap second hand sports cars!

I just acquired this 2005 NC Linited Edition (Launch Edition). It’s a 2.0 6spd in Velocity Red Mica with chrome accents, red heated leather seats, air conditioning, Bose audio, Bilstein dampers, and a detachable hardtop. The previous owner took great care of it and spiced it up with chassis bracing and polyurethane bushings, Brembo pads, Bosch iridium sparkplugs, Japspeed backbox, and a K&N filter. It tracks beautifully and pulls hard. It does need the new but crappy 3A tyres swapped for some decent rubber.


Welcome! Nice looking car. Hope you’ve experienced similar climates to ours, as an expat…if not, brace yourself! :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :umbrella: :snowman_with_snow: :grin:


Hi Mark
Welcome to the forum, take a look on the ‘Solent’ forum to see what your local region is doing

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Love these in red especially good looking with the hardtop.:+1:
Looks a very nice car you’ve picked up there.:+1:


Thank you! Compared to where I lived in Canada (average 6 metres of snow from October to May and lows of -35C), Hayling Island is tropical. The wet tropics, mind you, but still tropical. :desert_island::beach_umbrella:


Hi Mark,

Welcome back to Blighty and yes, Hayling Island is a very nice part of the world👍

I am the AC for Solent Area along with Terry Botto and we have started opening up our programme again, post the dreaded Covid and it would be good to see you and your stunning Red MX5 at one of our drives or events.



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Thanks Mal. It would be nice to meet some folks in the area, as after 50 years away, I don’t know anyone in the UK apart from some relatives in West Sussex. A drive with a bunch of other MX-5s would be epic!


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Welcome - car looks great.

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Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire… Very nice MX-5 you’ve got there :slight_smile:


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Welcome to the club and to the UK, where buying second-hand usually means major bargains indeed. Mind, the price of used cars seems to be going up, so your purchase might increase in value! Win win!


Hello Dr Drift

Welcome, you are not far from me, I am at Emsworth.
A red Mx5 too, Mk 4 version.


Hi, thanks for the message. That’s a lovely Mk 4!

Hayling gave it’s name to one of the greatest bits of 3am driving music there is, thanks to FC Kahuna.

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It looks a beauty Enjoy it …
I have a 2007 MX5 NC1 sport 2Ltr for Sale Getting too old to drive these days, My car is totally unblemished A museum piece… ( not even a stone chip ). It’s done 53,000 has electric heated seats, the front spot light option Plenty of pictures available. The car was garaged from new for its entire life by its previous owner So absolutely rust free, I have also had the car correctly Lowered on H&R springs and the track has been spaced correctly by Expert Company W.I.M ( Wheels in Motion ) It has also been lavished with many chrome parts and an expensive boot spoiler etc, First to see will buy …

Your car sounds very nice indeed. How much are you asking for it? I have a friend looking for a good NC.

I knew a Mark Tupper perhaps it’s a pure coincidence ! The Mark Tupper I knew lived in Or around Essex and Often visited a pub in High Beech ! Is it the same Mark Tupper ? There can’t be many Mark Tupper’s . anyway My car is For sale (I live in Essex) £5,500 I cannot put photos to you via the club forum Because I am not experienced Enough ( on Internet Formalities ) in the methods used to include photos on the club forum etc… But I have many photos of my car on my IPad and can send them to anyone who wishes to see the Photos All I would need is an email address To send them to, One thing about my car is whoever journeys to look at it They won’t be disappointed… The car is * totally unmarked * I am in no hurry to part with it so anyone interested in it should go and see others first… Best regards from Ray … club member Essex branch …

Mark, I am asking £5,500 for my car… Your friend wants a nice example ? He should go and look at a few and then come and see my one, There is a bit of movement on the price but not very much … Best regards from me to you and your friend. I can send lots of photos of my car But will need an email address as I haven’t a clue how to put photos on a web site ( like the club forum ) Best regards and thanks for your reply… Ray Hill …

Hi Raymond,
Interesting that you knew another Mark Tupper. He’s not me though. I’ve just recently returned to England after 50 years away.
I’ll ask my friend if £5500 is within his budget and if he’s interested, I’ll give you his contact info so you can send him photos etc.

Thanks Mark. As you have probably noticed. I am not conversant with internet use I’m 81 years of age and haven’t much clue of how to navigate the forum. As you can see I’ve already had to delete several of my posts because I press the wrong buttons and end up repeating past posts etc, Please forgive me… I am told by my misses That I am quite harmless …