New MX5 NA owner!


I’ve just bought a 97 MX-5 Dakar edition! I’ve been chasing this car since October and I became a proud owner yesterday. I’ve been driving exclusively vans for the last 6 years so the car just feels amazing to drive compared to that!

Car seems in good condition, it’s got a new hood, and the wheels look great and its only done 58000 miles. A smidge of rust behind the rear arch but it’s got plenty of time left until repairs. Bought the car for £2500 so I hope it’s a fair price. Hoping that is a good investment too as prices look like they are in the up.

I’m hoping to just enjoy driving it for now but I’m looking at getting a cobalt exhaust, superpro poly bushes and some uprated anti roll bars. A central looking kit from r click should be in the post soon!

I’ve gained lots of knowledge on the car from this forum so thanks!


Hi and welcome. You won’t regret it. Just fun fun fun all the way from now on!

And you’ve chosen the best model, the Dakar! But then I may be a little biased. I’ve had mine since 2001 and still love it. Enjoy your car. Peter