New MX5 owner from London (1st time)


I’m posting to introduce myself and hopefully get involved in the community. As the title suggests, I’m a new MX5 owner (bought in early June) based in South London. Here’s how it happened:

An unfortunate accident saw my previous car (a 2005 Honda Civic) written off by a younger driver. I’d had a bit of bad luck with Honda, so i decided a change of brand was needed. Being younger and without a family, i figured I no longer needed a practical hatchback :stuck_out_tongue:.

Insurance paid out for the Honda and I found my MX5 on gumtree for a good deal (under £2,000). Here’s the interesting bit (with a picture below):joy:

My car is a 2000 (X reg) 1.8 NB in Classic Red which i bought with ~113,000mi on the clock

Good points:
The roof is in decent shape and doesn’t leak!
The wheels are all solid (no kerb rash)(a first for a used car I’ve bought)
The sills have already been done and are solid
The chassis rails are also pretty solid

Bad points (I think of them as ‘areas needing love’):
The lacquer on the passenger door/drivers mirror and both front and rear bumpers are peeling/ in need of painting.
It didn’t come with a service history (not a big issue, but just means I’ve got things to tend to)
A couple of mechanical rattles here and there to sort

Otherwise, the engine/gearbox feel great. I’m loving top down motoring and having a light, nimble little car for the B roads and the commute (it’s my new daily).

I’ll be dealing with most of its servicing needs, but greatly appreciate all the knowledge and help that this forum can provide. Hopefully when things open up, I’ll be able to join in on some of the local gatherings :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thanks for listening (I look forward to hearing from you guys)


Welcome enjoy your car looking at your photo it looks like the wheels you have are from a rover if so they are hairpins no real problems but you might what to check it as a spigot bearing…if you are not sure what that is it is the part in the centre of the wheel so that the wheel is the same as your hub i:e very little play
When you fit the wheel if it is not there and I guess it will not be …all the weight of the wheels are on the studs…but I could be wrong worth a look

Nice one and welcome to the West London area.
Looks like you have mk 2.5 seats in there too. You’ll find the mk2 easy to work on (maybe the coil pack is an exception!) and no doubt you’ll have websites such as MX5 Parts bookmarked!
It’s obviously been quiet around these parts recently but hopefully that will change in the coming months

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Hi and welcome to MX5 ownership. Enjoy your new toy !

Welcome to the community.

Firstly, a great choice of car! You will find that the major issue with most MX5’s is rust, but if yours has been properly done, then you should be good for a few years - depends on many factors - usage, environment, garaging/left out, drainage hole condition etc.

The rest is really down to simple ongoing maintenance and “improvements”, which are usually simple and cheap. If you get any questions, you will find that there is a huge amount of experience and offers of help on the forum.

In the meantime, have fun with your car and just keep a close eye on it and if anything needs doing, it is usually worth doing it sooner rather than later.


I miss my NB, my first MX5.

Enjoy yours.

Welcome and a very nice 5