New NA owner and member in Guildford area

Hi all,
I bought my first MX5, an NA from 1991, in August last year. Me and my wife love it, after years of family cars! Great to drive a car with a bot of character and feeling about it. I am just south of Guildford and like to do all the work on my cars myself; I am experienced but no expert. So I’ve enjoyed getting the car properly nice after a few years of neglect.
It’s off the road for a few months at the moment and I am taking the opportunity to change the cambelt; I’ve posted a tech query on the crank cover bolts that are giving me problems.
Not sure this will work but here’s a photo of it.


Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire… I’m sure you’ll get much advise and recommendations here…! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the experience from Aldershot. Keep your eye open for the return of activities in the South Central Area. You can also see more from our Area on Facebook:
MX5 Owners Club - South Central

Welcome to the club, we are all waiting for the return of club and local events to start once more, you have both the South Central and the Solent regions to choose from…

getting a 404 for the link, what is the issue with the bolts?

Hi Grumpy. See the thread here: NA Crank Cover bolt sheared - #2 by RichardFX

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