New ND!

I picked this up on Sept 1st so got to drive around feeling like billy big balls on the first day of the new plate.  I had the dealer fit CarPlay and the Mazda/Eibach lowering springs. Absolutely fantastic ca!r!

I dropped it off last week for paint correction and a Car Pro C.Quarts Finest Reserve ceramic coating. The chap showed me photos they took of the swirling under their lights and it did look like the dealer washed it with a brush.

I was very skeptical about spending so much on a brand new car with paint that already looked great to me, but it’s safe to say I’m impressed with the results.

Very nice, is it your first MX-5?  I don’t want to scaremonger or anything, but do you know about the roof rubbing issue?  If i had a new one and didn‘t know i’d want someone to tell me so i could have the corrective work done if required rather than needing the roof replaced.

Just had to say how great that looks. Pretty much exactly how I would go if ever the ND itch got too bad. Hope you enjoy it…

Great looking car and in the best colour! Enjoy!


No, I had an NA V-Spec a couple of years ago that eventually lost the battle with tin worm.  I started looking for a new Mk1 but finding one that wasn’t badly modified or rotten was just depressing, and then with the engine improvements for 2019 I could make a sensible-ish argument to just buy a new one and keep it for the long run.

Fortunately I’m aware of the roof rubbing issue, I find that I have to push the roof down at the back when folded to get 5mm or clearance from the hoops.  I’ve read a few posts saying that after a while as the roof softens up it has more clearance without having to push it back so I’m going to see what happens with that before speaking to the dealer.

It’s great to be back in an MX5, I’ll be at the 30AE event tomorrow.

Looks very good indeed

Car Pro CQuartz ‘Finest Reserve’ is indeed a good choice

I did a similar job on mine, but with Kamikazi Ceramic Products and with Gyeon Q2 on clients’

The results speak for themselves dont they?

Heres my ND and a Clients’ 25th Anniversary with Gyeon

Sorry I wont be at the ‘National’ to see it


Welcome Enjoy the forum Lovely motor

Didn’t think there was much difference between my Soul Red and the new Soul Red Crystal…

Until I saw your pictures. Why did you have to post them? Just a tiny bit jealous now. Oh alright then, bl**dy jealous.

Welcome to the forum anyway, even if you have p*ssed me off.


I got to look at a SRC parked next to a SR card at the MX5 beardfest at Gaydon on Sunday.  I hadn’t realised they were so different. 



Hope whoever these belong to don’t mind me using this pic to illustrate.  Also, did anyone else who was there find it oddly surreal to arrive to find mostly MX5s on the local roads, and then find car parks that looked like there was a glitch in The Matrix?

Lovely car, enjoy it