New newbie noob

Hi all

New to the forum. Just to introduce myself succinctly if I may.

Scott, male (obvs), north Bristol, NHS professional, NC owner for 4 years now owner of a 2017 RF Sport NAV Black, 7900 miles on the clock, no mods (still under warranty), loving it!

Not a paid up member yet, I work in the NHS, I can"t afford it right now.

Looking forward to hearing ftom you all.

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Hello Scott of the male variety, welcome to the forum. Bet you’ve been busy recently. Time to Get out and relax with the roof down.


Hi Scott,

I’m in Frampton Cotterell with a grey mk3 - hopefully see you around at some point!

Just seen your post. Hi I’m Jeff from Keynsham & drive a light blue/grey Kendo with BBR200 conversion.
Might see you around…look out for the BBR sticker on the boot…give me a beep. :+1: