New owner - Elgin Scotland - 2011 2ltr PRHT

Hi - bought my grey 2011 2ltr PRHT a few weeks back from Luton area. It has been around a bit (5 owners), mainly Hull and then working south to the last owner in Luton (where it was ‘MX05BEZ’). I gave it a good test drive - 550 miles north to Elgin :smile: Job No1 was replacing the insanely noisy (but nicely custom manufactured) exhaust - now back on s/h OEM back box and the mx5parts centre repair pipe. Other mods already on the car were Tein platform suspension and brembo drilled and vented disks (impressed with these). Work done so far - dinitrol in wheel-arches (under the covers) and into sills via the end plugs, exhaust swap, oil and filter change, drivebelt change. Seems sound enough but will be looking after it myself anyway (previous and current cars:- many classic minis, Astra rally car, TVR S3, Honda S2000, XR2 race car, 308GT4, 68 Elan S4). Already used the forum to read up on the clutch bite point adjust and roof catch rattle fix so will be adding my own tips in return - cheers.


Sounds like you got a good result there, welcome to the Club!

Welcome. Not easy finding cars up here is it? Not much for sale and the weather impacts those that local.

Sounds like you got a good 'un

Welcome to the club.
5 owners and no nasty surprises? My car was the same. Enjoy.